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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. MIGRATION: Internal North – South drift
  2. 2.  Pre 1990’s drift northwards to sunny regions. North Island especially Auckland is closer to international trade routes therefore providing more employment. From 1950’s North Is. forestry industry grew (Kinleith/Kawerau) as did the oil and gas industry (Maui) the associated plants create industry and employment.Pull Factors for the North 1950’sonwards
  3. 3.  Timber industry in the south in decline. Coal mining industry also in decline. More recent examples pike river mine closure Christchurch earthquakes.Push factors from the South1950’s onwards
  4. 4. Attracts investment Growth of Larger market industry and created commerce More rapid Attracts people population seeking growth employmentCumulative causation model
  5. 5.  1991 more people had moved the South Island from the North than the other way around. Between 2001 – 2006 a net 10,300 people moved from the North to the South Island. More recently development of the horticulture industry e.g. vineyardsMigration south
  6. 6.  Suggestion the South didn’t feel the effects of the share market crash of 1987. Cheaper housing Lower crime rates More space Less traffic Less pollution Less racial tension More relaxed way of lifePull factors of the South