English 003 group project final-1


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English 003 group project final-1

  2. 2. OUR CLAIM:• We contend that Mama does not feel appreciated by Deewhile others contend that Mama does feel appreciated by herdaughter Dee.• The two interdisciplinary forms we used to support our claimare education and culture.
  3. 3. EVIDENCE:• Education:• Demeanor and conversations she has with herfamily are evidence of her lack of gratitude for hermother and hometown.• Mama describes a letter Dee wrote to her sayingthat where ever they [Mama and Maggie]“choose” to live, she will manage to see them butwill never bring her friends.• These words are condescending to her mother andare a clear example of Dee’s elitist attitude andwhy Mama doesn’t feel appreciated by Dee whenMama was the one who provided Dee with theopportunity to get an education and a “betterlife”. 
  4. 4. EVIDENCE (CONTINUED)• We believe that since Dee went away for college andlearned more about her culture and society’s standards,she doesn’t think her hometown is “up to par”. If she wereto have stayed at home, and not have received a highereducation, we believe she wouldn’t have a demeaningmanner about her self.• In the article posted on “Education Insider” written by SaraWright she explains the pros and cons of leaving home forcollege. The list of pros include independence, a fresh startand a new perspective. This “new perspective” is whatchanged Dee’s attitude. Leaving for college introducesyou to people from all walks of life and expose you to newideas and cultural norms.
  5. 5. EVIDENCE (CONTINUED)• Mama wishes that the relationship between her and Dee wouldimprove.• She ultimately feels unappreciated by her own flesh and blood.• She reminisces on a TV show, where the child unites with theparent and thanks her for everything that they’ve done for herand shows her appreciation.• If Dee showed Mama gratitude, (which she doesn’t becausethrough conversations she’s had with her mother, you can tellshe’s overall ungrateful and doesn’t appreciate her mother,)shows how much she appreciates her, and everything she hasdone for her, would bring some kind of happiness to her life.• Mama just wishes that Dee would show gratitude towards her.
  6. 6. CULTURE: QUILTS• Throughout history quilts were made for many purposes• To keep warm• To decorate houses• Political views• To remember family and loved ones
  7. 7. • There are many different types but the one type of quilt that issignificant to U.S history is Freedom Quilts• Freedom quilts were used to:• Send signals to slaves to pack for a journey and to get ready toescape• Also to guide slaves to food, to point north, and t show danger
  8. 8. • Because Dee was educated she not only saw the quiltsas something to keep her warm but she saw the historyof the quilt and what it signified
  9. 9. CONCLUSION• In conclusion Group 3 contends that Dee is ungrateful as well asdisrespectful to her for family for the sacrifices they have both made forher• Dee does not recognize that the only reason she is able to hold herselfto a higher standard is because of what her community did for her• Holding oneself to a better standard is good, but not at the expense ofpeople who aren’t as fortunate• Edwidge Danticat’s 1937 shows both the negatives and positives ofpursuing your goals at any means necessary
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