Vodafone 360 - Keynote


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Port-a-thons are sessions in different countries to support developer to port their widgets to Vodafone 360 apps.

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Vodafone 360 - Keynote

  1. 1. Purpose of the presentation Problems: • A lot of widgets are failing many times because of similar problems • Wasting time of developers to fix simple problems rising costs of testing and development • In peak time / competition time every widget has to be tested as fast as possible for release on the market Copyright Mobica Ltd 2009
  2. 2. QA Criteria Test Cases • Installation successful (less than 3MB file especially for S60 v3 and S60 v5 platforms) • Widget execution (it must not take over any functions of the phone without clear visibility and permission from the user, widget should exit the process without any errors and without causing any unexpected effects like freezing the phone) • Navigation (navigating widget using all available methods that the device supports: keyboard, arrows, touch) • Messaging functionality (must be able to receive calendar notifications, alarms, calls and text while the widget is running) • API behaviour (widgets which use APIs must execute correctly, show correct UE behaviour and behave securely) • Malware/Spyware checking (spyware, including botnets, keylogging and inappropriate adware; malware, including viruses and worms) Copyright Mobica Ltd 2009
  3. 3. QA Criteria Test Cases • Resolution independence (checking portrait mode and rotation – if supported; large amounts of white space which makes the widget look sparse is unacceptable) • Touch naviagtion (tapping buttons, moving lists up and down using a finger, buttons must respond to touch interaction on first use. It must not be difficult to touch buttons, links, images) • Icon for closed mode (images must not be pixelated, if icon includes text it should be legible, icon should appear in the activity view when the widget is closed) • Extended mode (extended mode must display information that is updated from time to time, if it takes more than 2 seconds to load, it should provide a loading indicator to inform the user that data is still being loaded) • Multi language widgets (if the widget supports different languages all UI elements should display the localised text, international characters should be displayed correctly) Copyright Mobica Ltd 2009
  4. 4. QA Criteria Test Cases • Content (content which is unsuitable for all ages is forbidden, adult content will be escalated to proper part of Vodafone) • Advertisements (the widget must comply with Vodafone Group and OPCO standards for Advertising services inside the widget - advertising on a web page is acceptable) • Billing and Chargeable services (chargeable widgets are permitted in accordance with Vodafone billing policy and standards) Copyright Mobica Ltd 2009
  5. 5. QA Department Feedback from you • Advices, • Expectations, • What to improve? • Which details do you need more? Use next days for proposing, everything will be taken into consideration Copyright Mobica Ltd 2009
  6. 6. QA e-mail address widget-qa@gmobica.com Copyright Mobica Ltd 2009
  7. 7. MOBICA TEST DEPARTMENT Rafał Janczyk: rafal.janczyk@mobica.com Site Manager Bartosz Jarzębski: bartosz.jarzebski@mobica.com QA Test Manager Piotr Wiśniewski: piotr.wisniewski@mobica.com QA Team Leader Copyright Mobica Ltd 2009