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The big divide, 2013 2nd q meeting


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Photos from 2013 2nd Quarterly meeting: The Big Divide

Published in: Education, Technology
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The big divide, 2013 2nd q meeting

  1. 1. The Big Divide 2013 Second Quarterly Meeting June 23, 2013
  2. 2. FCHS Director Deborah Barker opening the program at Old Depot Museum
  3. 3. Guest speakers Aaron Barnhart and Diane Eckoff at the beginning of their illustrated talk
  4. 4. The Big Divide author Aaron Barnhart
  5. 5. The Big Divide author Diane Eckhoff
  6. 6. The authors selling and signing copies of The Big Divide. Almeda Edwards chatting with them. FCHS President Lynda Alderman in the background.
  7. 7. Gloria Kruse inspecting her copy of The Big Divide and chatting with the authors. Susan Geiss in the background.