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How to make beer


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How to make beer

  1. 1. Instruction manual<br />How to make craft beer<br />Index:<br />-Introduction<br />-Necessary equipment<br />-Necessary ingredients<br />-Instructions<br />Introduction<br />Many documents prove that Man began to brew beer from grain, in Sumeria, around 5,000 years ago. During classical times beer lost its importance to wine. Even though it continued to be greatly appreciated by the Greeks, the Romans considered it a drink for the barbarians. <br />In the Middle Ages, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the monks kept up beer production. It was from this point on that the hops became part of making beer.<br />Since then, beer production has become an important economic activity. Some German brands date back to this period.<br /> In modern times, beer became the drink of the European peoples and Germany proved to be the largest producer and exporter. It was then that the Portuguese and the Spaniards took beer to the New World. In contemporary ages, thanks to the advances in technology, beer began to be produced industrially. <br />Advances in the field of chemistry and the invention of the microscope were also crucial to the understanding of cellular processes and, therefore, for great advances in the brewing industry.<br /> Today beer is a democratic drink, highly appreciated all over the world.<br />Regarthless of being a very important part of our history, our culture and our tradition, beer is an alcoholic drink. For that reason, you should never forget that it may have a negative effect, when drunk excessively.<br />Don’t forget: moderation is the rule!<br />Necessary equipment<br />Mill<br /> Pot<br /> <br />Fermentation and filtering tanks<br />Laboratory equipment<br />1943100147955<br />1257300635Coil19050635 <br /> <br />Thermometer Densimeter <br />Bottling Machine<br />Necessary ingredients to produce 20 litersMalts:<br />Pilsner malt – 4,5kg<br />Crystal malt – 0,280 kg<br />Munich malt – 0,870 kg<br />Water<br /> Hops :<br /> Saaz – 0,076 Kg (76gr) Bitterness<br />Saaz – 0,022 Kg (22gr) Flavor <br />Saaz – 0,022 Kg (22gr) Aroma<br />Yeast:<br />-Brewferm Lager or<br />-Wyeast 2278 Czech Pilsner lager Yeast <br />Instructions to brew beer from grain:<br />A classic beer has a golden color and floral flavors from the true Saaz hops, it is well balanced between the hop’s bitterness and the aroma of the barley.<br />For an amount of 20 liters:The initial density should be: 1,050 – 1,053The final density should be: 1,011 – 1,013Probable alcohol: 5% Volume<br /> <br />1. Grind all malts; <br />2. Mash (making the mixture) for 90 minutes, at a temperature between 65 to 70 degrees;<br />3. Initiate the boiling process and add the hops in order of quantity, firstly the bitterness, 75 minutes later the flavor and lastly the aroma, when there are 3 minutes left before reaching the end of the boiling time, which should be of 90 minutes;<br />4. Cool the wort down, with the coil or through other proceedings, to more or less 18 to 20 degrees;<br />5. Air the liquid solution with a fish tank engine;<br />6. Add the yeast;<br />7. Let it ferment for about two weeks;<br />8. Bottle the beer;<br />9. Put the bottles in the refrigerator for 20 days;<br />10. Your beer is now ready to drink.<br />