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Health promotion ppt

  1. 1. {{Course 5Course 5Health PromotionHealth PromotionInstructors: Darlene Rai & Malie DevriesInstructors: Darlene Rai & Malie Devries
  2. 2.  List a variety of topics and disorders related tomental health. Present a more in-depth overview of one mentaldisorder. Discuss the factors that support healthpromotion. Design a health promotion activity appropriatefor your agency.Course Learning ObjectivesCourse Learning Objectives
  3. 3. ““By enhancing factors that are known to helpBy enhancing factors that are known to helpprotect people…and diminishing thoseprotect people…and diminishing thosefactors that put them at risk …we can reducefactors that put them at risk …we can reducethe onset of some mental health problemsthe onset of some mental health problemsand illnesses, reduce symptoms andand illnesses, reduce symptoms anddisability, and support people in theirdisability, and support people in theirjourney of recovery. “journey of recovery. “Mental Health Commission of CanadaMental Health Commission of Canada
  4. 4.  Practicing mindfulness improves both mental andphysical health. Mindfulness involves both concentration and acceptance.Deliberately pay attention to thoughts and sensations withoutjudgment. It takes practice! If one method doesn’t work for you, tryanother.HarvardMindfulness MeditationMindfulness Meditation
  5. 5.  Stress-reduction Increased clarity of mind, balance, energy, zest for life  Improve complex problem-solving and decision-making Enhanced leadership More emotional intelligence, less reactive Mood regulation and immune system enhancementBenefitsBenefits of Mindful Meditationof Mindful Meditation
  6. 6. HealthPromotionPersonalHealth &WellnessMentalIllnessActionExploring modelsof healthpromotionSocialDeterminants ofHealthWellness InventoryMindfulnessPracticeLearn about onemental disorder –create a foldable!Choice of HealthPromotion atdifferent actionlevelsOrMake a WorkplacePosterYour online adventure…Your online adventure…
  7. 7. {{Health PromotionHealth PromotionWRAP-UPWRAP-UP