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  1. 1. Overview: www.EventBrite.Com is a site for event planners that offerstools to create customizable event pages, spread the word with socialmedia, collect money, and gain visibility into attendees and sales. Itempowers event organizers to become more efficient and effective whenbringing people together. And people everywhere are searchingEventbrite to discover great events that matter to them. comprehensiveevent registration applicationsUses: o Organizations  Non-profits, employee events, customer outreach, fundraisers, conferences  It can help you with promoting, creating a survey, sending e-mail invitations, creating contact lists, website integration, offering discount codes, creating an attendee report and more  Social media Marketing machine and ticketing solution o Professionals  Connecting with other professionals, searching for events, career enhancement opportunities and networking/career fairs,  I’m defining the term “event” broadly — if you are a small business owner who is meeting with customers or prospects online or in real life (IRL); you are probably managing events or could shift your approach to include more people and make your “event” more productive and profitable. You can produce micro-events, business networking events, or social events, but the best ones are educational and not sales heavy (or sales-y at all).Trends: Stats and Examples? o Use stats and pictures from year in reviewTips: Best practices? o Communicate with attendees, answer questions on front end if tickets will/will not be used, provide personally contact info on front page for those who have trouble logging in, and include log in info o Create and schedule reminder emails o Use a check-in list or app at the door o Collect as much information from attendees as you can, even if you don’t think it’s necessary for the event, because it will offer insight ino o Include in invitation a section encouraging attendees to “share” the event and invite their friends o Send test invite to yourself first o List your event on the Eventbrite Public Directory o Use a variety of keywords to classify your event to generate more traffic through PPC and SEO o Utilize the option of customized header and footers to create a more professional appearance, as well as opportunity to sell ad space.Additional Resources: Provide 5 including: 1) a video “how-to”; 2) a “tips”article, 3) a case study or example, 4) comparison with other similar tools,5) a professional evaluation article
  2. 2. o 1. o 2. o 3. Study o 4. o 5. o Have questions or want more information? Contact Porsche Kristina, Eventbrite is the leading provider of online event management and ticketing services. Eventbrite makes it easy for anyone to hold a successful event of any type and size. Eventbrite is free if your event is free. If you sell tickets to your event, Eventbrite collects a small fee per ticket. So just like you, Eventbrite wants your event to be a big success. We’re excited to announce the launch of Easy Entry, a new free Eventbrite iPhone app for event organizers! The app gives eventholders an amazing new way to manage event check-in, streamlining the process with an easier, more reliable and more mobile alternative. We see it as a game-changer for event registration. Here’s how it works. The Eventbrite service includes many features and tools intended to let you perform three basic tasks really well: Publish: Everything you need to create and easily personalize a custom web page for your event. Promote: The tools you need to spread the word about your event and maximize attendance. Sell: The immediate power to sell tickets and collect money online.The·Texian is a member of Eventbrites referral program. We haveimplemented the system for multiple customers and are skilled in itsuse.
  3. 3. For this assignment, you will develop a professional reference handout for an assignedSMC tool. Your goal is to provide a description of the type and purpose of the tool ,explain the uses it has for organizational communication, and provide a referencehandout we can include in our resource guide. You will want to give a brief explanationof how to get started using the tool, its features for organizational communicationprofessionals and the most important best practices professionals should know about thistool.FAQsQ. What are the benefits of Eventbrite?A. By using Eventbrite, your chapter can: create a customized event page, displaying event details and allowing attendees to register with ease use a variety of promotional tools, including customized event URL, email invitations, and online integration with your chapter’s website accept major credit cards online, receive registration funds directly, and track sales onlineQ. What are the features of Eventbrite?A. Eventbrite offers your chapter a variety of features including the abilityto create name badges, produce printable and customizable reports,promote your event online, and more.Q. Is my chapter required to use No. Eventbrite is being made available as an option based on feedbackfrom chapter leaders for a branded event registration solution. Yourchapter can choose to use Eventbrite or any other event managementprogram.Q. How much does it cost to use The chart below explains the fees for using Eventbrite: Minimum Maximum Fee
 (% of Fee
 (per Fee
 (per Ticket Price) ticket) ticket) 2.5% $0.99 $9.95Details
  4. 4. Fees are charged only when you make a sale. There are no fees for free events. At your option, fees can be paid by the attendee by including them in your ticket price.Q. Is there a set-up fee and are there monthly fees?A. There is no setup nor monthly fee.Q. What programs can be used for processing payment?A. Paypal or Google CheckoutQ. What are the ways the Eventbrite fees can be covered?A. At your option, fees can be paid by the attendee in the ticket price or thechapter can pay the fees.Q. How often will the chapter receive an invoice if the chapterchooses to pay the fees rather than including in the customer price?A. Eventbrite will send an invoice at the beginning of each month for thefees collected in the previous month.Q. If the attendee/ticket buyer pays for the fees; does the chapter stillreceive an invoice?A. Yes, Eventbrite will send the chapter an invoice via email for the feesEventbrite has collected on your behalf. If you do not sell any tickets, youwill not get billed.Q. How can I brand Eventbrite for my chapter?A. You can upload your chapter logo when you customize your eventregistration page.Q. Can my membership roster be uploaded to Eventbrite?A. Yes, you can upload and save a contact list for an event invitation.Q. Can the chapter contact get an email notification when someoneregisters for an event?
 A. Yes, the chapter contact will receive an emailmessage when someone registers for an event. Chapter contacts can alsorun a report of all the registered attendees for events. As an additionaloption, invitations can be sent with RSVPs to contacts from the chapter.Q. Can more than one leader from the same chapter set up chapterevents using Eventbrite?
  5. 5. A. Yes, you can set up one generic account for your chapter or havepersonal accounts set up. Once your chapter is set up, you can addadditional users, as needed.