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How to Better Market Pork


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Clarence Oliver, Code Ventures, LLC, Pork Management Conference, June 14-17, in Clearwater, Florida.

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How to Better Market Pork

  1. 1. Welcome My Name is Clarence Oliver
  2. 2. Meat Leads and Category managers on a daily basis are consumed with: Improving or maintaining – Gross profit Sales – especially Comp Sales Writing Profitable ADS that drive sales Pork provides profitable sales. Whole Boneless pork loin $1.99 lb. Half Boneless Pork Loin $2.49 lb. Bnls. Center cut Chops $2.99 lb. Thin Cut Center Chops $3.49 lb.
  3. 3. How can we sell more Pork? A former retail Merchandise r's point of view
  4. 4. I just saw a commercial about that. I always thought pork was very bad for health because of the fat. So how can it be "the other white meat"? Are they just referring to color? They want to promote it as a healthier/leaner meat like chicken instead of fatty like red meat/beef/lamb. In the past thirty years, pork has been raised in a manner to reduce the amount of fat on the carcass. In general, the leaner cuts of pork have less fat than chicken.
  5. 5. My Question is ? Is this really Where you what to be Positioned
  6. 6. Or is this where we should be
  7. 7. Hams Should be Year round not just for Christmas Ham Serving Occasions Christmas 71% Easter 69% Everyday Meal 55% Summer Grilling 23% Camping or Picnic 20% Sports Gathering Events 8%* • Super Bowl is the second largest food holiday after Thanksgiving
  8. 8. Romancing the Pig
  9. 9. There are over 140 USDA Certified Angus Beef Programs
  10. 10. Montebello Premium Pork Program Hogs Of Puerto Rico only There are Source verified Pork Programs, but only one Certified Pork Program
  11. 11. Duroc Is Duroc the breed of choice?
  12. 12. With the Introduction of High PH Pork A Number of Retailers Adopted Two Tier Pork Programs With the assistance of the Pork Board. At Giant of Landover, we were able to convert roughly 20% of our customer to Premium Pork
  13. 13. Do We need Butcher’s back in our stores?