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Invest in Primorsko-goranska County


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Project “Development of investment environment“ helps develop the ability of Croatia to attract foreign direct investment and represents advanced ICPR – Investment certification program for regions.

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Invest in Primorsko-goranska County

  1. 1. Invest in CROATIA Primorsko - Goranska County Your strategic linkfast track to Central and Eastern Europewell developed infrastructure in industrial zonesexcellent service sector-logisticsskilled workforcestable macroeconomic environmentnetwork of SME suppliers 3h UK POLAND GERMANY 2h EUROPE 1h UKRAINE FRANCE CROATIA ROMANIA ITALY SPAIN TURKEY UP TO 7 DAYS SHORTER TRANSIT TIME FROM FAR EAST SUEZ CANAL (COMPARED TO PORTS OF NORTHERN EUROPE) ONE STOP SHOP service for investors Regional Development Agency Porin Ltd. Milutina Barača 19, Rijeka, Croatia T +385 51 634 330 F + 385 51 634 340 Primorsko - Goranska County E
  2. 2. Primorsko - Goranska County Munich Vienna Pan European Corridor AU ST R I A Budapest Road transport HUNGARY Rijeka-Zagreb-East/Central Europe I TA LY SLOVENIA Rijeka-Trieste-West-North Europe Milano Trieste Ljubljana Zagreb Rijeka Railway system C R O AT I A Belgrade all European directions Maritime transport BOSNIA& SERBIA Rijeka - the biggest Croatian port HERZAGOVINA Air transport Split Viciniti of 5 airports A D R I AT I C S E A Rijeka-Krk, Zagreb, Pula (Croatia) MONTENEGRO Trieste (Italy) Ljubljana (Slovenia) Geography Munich Graz Primorsko – Goranska County is located in Ljubljana the Western part of Croatia. It borders withTrieste Slovenia and Italy (sea border) and withinKoperMilan Croatia it borders with Istrian, Karlovačka, Zagreb Budapest Ličko-Senjska and Zadarska County (sea Belgrade border). Future It’s total surface area is 3.588 km2 business zone (6,3% of Croatian territory). Favourable MIKLAVIJA geographic condition and diverse natural Matulji features – sea, well-intended coast with islands and woodland of Gorski Kotar, 18km business zone makes County unique. 17km ŠKRLJEVO / On the international and national level, RIJEKA KUKULJANOVO County has significant role in integration of wider area of Ponudavlje region with Adriatic and Middle European region with South East Europe. Due to exceptional geostrategic position, Port of Rijeka offers a sea route to Middle East and Far East far shorter than Northern European ports, for it is geographically positioned in the centre of communication between Europe and Asia. County has 36 local self government units: 14 cities and 22 municipalities. Rijeka is the third largest Croatian city, and is the main economic, transport, educational, cultural and political centre of the region. There are three different climates in the County – Kediterranean, Sub- mediterranean and in Gorski Kotar mild Continental climates, which allow optimal conditions for business and leisure.
  3. 3. Demographics Education There are 305.505 inhabitants in Primary schools, with 4 Italian the County, constituting 6,9 % of High schools, Gymnasiums, Croatian population. technical schools, industrial and trade schools, music Females makes up 51,2% of schools, art and design population, while males make up schools. 48,8%. Italian high school, Larger part of population lives in gymnasium and economics urban centres, with Rijeka being the most densely populated city College in Rijeka in Croatia; 3274 inhabitants per University of Rijeka with 10 km2. faculties and three Colleges There are about 16000 students Post graduate and ph.d. Industrial Zone enrolled in University of Rijeka, while a part of population studies Kukuljanovo is enrolled in neighbouring Bakar / Rijeka universities (Zageb, Trst, Padova etc). - total area 500 ha (250 built, another 250 planned) - over 130 entrepreneurs Economy Workforce - over 3.200 employees - the biggest and the most devel- Structure of the economy: Working population makes oped industrial zone in Croatia up 66% of total population. GDP per capita is 9.149 EUR and - developed infrastructural net- besides City of Zagreb and Istrian The workforce is higly work County, PGC belong into the most qualified as 70% of workers - excellent distributional capac- developed county in RH. have a high school degree or ity (highway, internal railway higher while additional 19% conected with the railway cor- Unemployment rate was 9,3% in have industrial and trade ridor Rijeka-Zagreb-Budapest, 2008. degrees. close to the Port of Rijeka and Average monthly wage: 642 EUR Krr Airport Women constitutes 48% of Excellent telecommunication the working population. - customs office, free trade zone infrastructure, both fixed and mobile. Unemployment structure Summary of by educational attainment Primorsko-Goranska County economy 45 Millions of HRK 66.308 45 65.097 Millions of HRK 66.308 40 61.487 65.097 59.173 61.487 40 56.775 58.051 59.173 35 58.05135 53.446 56.775 % 35 50.510 35 51.835 53.446 51.83530 30 50.510 30 3025 25 25 2520 20 20 2015 15 15 1510 10 10 10 5 5 5 5 0 0 0 0 No school No school Primary Primary High High High High Colege Colege Bachelor Bachelor 2000 2000 2001 2002 2001 2002 2003 2004 2003 2004 2005 2005 2006 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 school school school school school school Degree Degree Degree Degree Total income Total expediture Number of epmloyed 1-3 years 4 years or higher Total income Total expediture Number of epmloyed 1-3 years 4 years or higher
  4. 4. Quality of life Key Sectors Pleasant life in urban and rural areas Housing: satisfactory supply of apartments and family Manufacturing houses - shipbuilding as core industrial branch Health care: hospitals, clinical institutions, emergency in County health care, private practices, homes for senior citizens, - great results in boatbuilding – new rehabilitations centres models, new technologies, export - metal products manufacturing, elec- Wellness: thalassotherapy centres, aesthetic centres tric machines and appliances, produc- Sport and recreation: gyms, sport domes, trekking and tion of chemicals – biggest export cycling paths, hiking, auto-camps, diving centres, ski- growth ing, skating, swimming pools - wood industry – use of domestic raw Culture: theatres, galleries, museums, state archives, material, majority of products ex- libraries, cinemas ported, quality of raw material base, quality workforce Shopping: a wide range of domestic and foreign shop- 45 Millions of HRK ping centres Tourism 40 58.051 Leisure: hotels, restaurants, clubs 56.775% 35 - one of the most important economic 35 53.446 51.835 industry 50.510 30 30 - sustainable development trend and Research and development 25 active environmental politics 25 - natural, cultural and historical heritage R&D companies are concentrated in shipbuilding, petro- 20 20 chemical and pharmaceutical industry and IT, as well as - 160 years of tradition 15 15 - 35% of total investment in tourism in University of Rijeka, where is located STEP-RI – Tech- nology& Science park. Croatia and 20% of the total revenue 10 10 of Croatian tourism Rijeka has a Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) 5 5 - 182000 available beds; or 23% of total where several new technologies have beed developed. Croatian available accomodation Also there is a strong network of innovators and many 0 0 innovations are waiting to beHigh No school Primary commercialised. High Colege Bachelor 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 school school school Degree Degree Transportation and 1-3 years 4 years or higher telecommunication Total income Total expeditu - 7286 employed – 11% of total number - existing infrastructure for both pas- Total income of companies by sector senger and goods - organisation and control of shipping - port of Rijeka integrates all traffic functions 20.6% 9.2% - well developed other logistic services 8.6% 4.3% ICT - excellent telecommunication infra- 4.5% 42.8% structure 10.0% - lower price of work than Zagreb or Europe - smaller companies - sales and maintenance of IT equip- Trade Professional, scientific ment and technical activities Accomodation and - focus on SMEs Manufacturing food service activities - ICT cluster with headquarter in Rijeka Transportation and storage Other – complex ICT solutions, innovations, project development and manage- Construction ment