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How to helps parents acculturate into the American system of education.

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  • Bengaluru- ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು – garBangalore is India's third most populous city [7] and fifth-most populous urban agglomeration. As of 2009, Bangalore was inducted in the list of global cities and ranked as a "Beta World City" alongside cities such as Dallas, Miami, Boston, Kuwait City, Lima, and Munich in the studies performed by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network in 2008
  • I'm including a few things.  I will send my fridge facts these go home every week.  Parents are asked to fill out the reading log with their child and send it back on the next Monday.  I am also including a bookmark with reading strategies parents can use with their child at home.  Any time their child is reading it helps to stop here or there and ask them "Who is in the story?" and "What is the story about?".  The last thing is a poster about how we teach kids to choose books.  They pick a book and ask these questions P-Why do I want to read this book? I-Does it interest me? C-(Read some of it) Do I understand (comprehend) it?  K-Do I know most of the words?  If the answer is no then they put it back and pick a different book.  For math I am encouraging them to play games that use dice or games where they have to add or subtract.  Let me know if you have other questions.   
  • If you see Sioux Falls Public Schools it means us
  • If you see Sioux Falls Public Schools it means us
  • No weapons of any kind to school.  There is no tolerance for weapons on school property before, during or after the school day.  This call is coming because we have already seen incidents this year of students bringing knives or guns including BB guns and air soft guns to school.  These incidents have happened at several sites, not just one school.  South Dakota law requires our School Board to expel a student from school for 12 months if they bring a weapon to school.  It does not matter why the student brought the weapon, and air guns are included in the types of weapons that require an automatic expulsion.  Our primary concern is your child’s safety.  Please talk to your child and make sure that they never bring any type of weapon to school.  Thank you for joining with us to keep all of our students safe.  
  • Parent University

    1. 1. Parent Support helps student achievement Welcome to Parent UniversityWelcome to Parent University
    2. 2. First, Let’s get to know each other…First, Let’s get to know each other…
    3. 3.  Education System in the U.S. Welcome to Parent UniversityWelcome to Parent University
    4. 4. Question?Question? And you?And you?  A little about yourself…A little about yourself…  How many children and what schools?How many children and what schools?  OccupationOccupation  What country are you from?What country are you from?  What languages do you speak?What languages do you speak?
    5. 5. Parent Support  How do you support your child’s education?
    6. 6. Ask your child…  What was the best thing you did at school today?  What did you do in Reading?  What are you working on in Math?  What new thing did you learn in school today?
    7. 7. Ask your child…  What would you like me to tell about school today?  What was the funniest/best/worst thing that happened?  What could you teach me that you learned today?  What was the easiest(or hardest) class today?  If you could have one class be longer (or shorter) what would it be?  If you became teacher- what subject would you teach? Why?
    8. 8. Reading Support  Read to your child  Read with your child  Child reading independently
    9. 9. Reading Support  Fridge Facts  Words WITH pictures  3 Ways to Read a Book  Reading to Someone  Daily Five Posters  EEKK (way to sit while reading with your child)  
    10. 10. Reading Support While the child is reading a book it helps to stop here or there and ask them  "Who is in the story?"  "What is the story about?".
    11. 11. Daily Five Posters
    12. 12. Books for children Borrow books from the…  Library  School  Friends
    13. 13. Books for children If the answer is no then they put it back and pick a different book. While Picking books for children ask these questions. PICK the book if you answer “yes” to the following questions
    14. 14. Comprehension  Ask your child questions  Retell the story  What was your favorite part?  What was the most important event of the story?  What did the author want you to learn?  Make connection with your culture  This reminds me of ________ in our country.
    15. 15. Study time - Routines  Set a time each day  Find a quiet place  Turn off T.Vs, Computers, Game Boy, X- Box, Wii, any electronic games  Make a schedule 1st Reading 2nd Math 3rd Spelling
    16. 16. Parent Involvement Attend :  Conferences  Family Nights  Child’s school programs - Encourage your child to participate.
    17. 17. Some important documents…  Yellow student data sheet  Student and Parent’s name  Phone numbers  Address  Emergency and medical information  Emergency contacts   Call the school when you move?  Call the school if there is change in phone number
    18. 18. Some important documents…  Lunch application form  Fill this form every year  Enter all members of the family   Inform the school if there is change in income.
    19. 19. Some important documents…  Immunization form  Check with the nurse about shots  See that the immunization is up to date  Call the school if you have questions.
    20. 20. Parental Involvement in Schools  Attendance  Call the school if the child is sick  Be on time to school  Call the school if you have questions or doubts about holidays.
    21. 21. Parent Teacher Conferences  Held twice a year (Nov & Feb)  Some things to keep in mind  Set a time that is good for both of you  Be on time for the conference  Request an interpreter if you do not understand English
    22. 22. Parent Teacher Conferences  Before you attend the conference write notes to discuss with teacher  Your concerns about school programs and policies  Questions about your child’s progress  How you could work together so that the child can succeed
    23. 23. Parent Teacher Conferences  Some good questions you can ask…  Is my child in different groups for different subjects? Why?  What are my child’s best and worst subjects?  Is my child working and listening well?  Does my child participate in class discussions and activities?  How is my child doing in the tests?
    24. 24. Parent Teacher Conferences  After the conference…  Work on the action plan  Discuss the plan with your child  Check your child’s class work and homework  Stay in regular touch with the teacher  Build strong parent teacher partnership
    25. 25. Sample Schedules  KG – 5 min reading, letters – 5min, counting 5 min  1st grade – 10 min reading, math – 5min. spelling – 5min.  2nd grade- 20 min reading, 10 min. math, 10 min. spelling  3rd grade – 30 min reading, 10 min. math, 10 min. spelling  4th grade – 40 min reading, 10 min. math, 10 min. spelling  5th grade – 50 min reading, 10 min. math, 10 min. spelling
    26. 26. What can you do as a parent to help your child get a great start?  Sleep 8-10 hours  Healthy & Nutritious Breakfast  Arrive on time - 7:55 a.m. – elementary
    27. 27. Healthy Foods
    28. 28. Unhealthy Foods
    29. 29. TV & Computer can be educational but….  Keep an eye on what your child watches on TV & on the computer
    30. 30. Movie Ratings
    31. 31. Movie Ratings
    32. 32. Video Games Ratings
    33. 33.  Educational Channels:  Weather Channels  PBS  History Channels  Animal Kingdom  Local News - KELO, KSFY, KDLT  Computer Links      Parent University  Tutorials, celebrations… Some Suggestions:
    34. 34. Video Games Ratings
    35. 35.  Check the weather:  TV  Local News - KELO, KSFY, KDLT  Weather Channel  Radio  School will call you  It is important to:  Update your phone number  Call the school with your number  Provide emergency contacts  Phone call from SFSD – not Haw In case of a snow storm...
    36. 36.  Parent Alert Calls:  Celebrations  Parent University  Early dismissal  Late Start  Wake up Calls  Language Line:  Concerns or questions  School will dial the line  Provide help in your language Parent Alert Calls and Language Line
    37. 37. Other details you need to know about school-Communication  Newsletters  Assignment Notebooks, Take home folders  Spelling lists  Call in when your child is sick  Call before or after school is preferred method of communication about concerns. Otherwise a written note would be great. Just call the office if you forget a note.
    38. 38. Other details you need to know about school…  Yellow data sheet for the student  Lunch application form  Immunization form  Homework folder  Attendance
    39. 39. Attendance  A student's contribution and achievement in class are directly related to attendance.  Research shows that students learn best when they attend school every day.  When students miss school, they miss important lessons and essential skills they need for academic success.
    40. 40. Absence/Tardy Policy  Call school on each day of absence ~note or phone.  It is important to have updated phone numbers on record!  At 5 and 8 days of absence an attendance letter sent  10 or more absences in a school year is considered to be excessive  5 or more Tardies will require the student to make up time during recess.  Absences and/or Tardies verified by a healthcare provider or school official will be excused.
    41. 41. Other details you need to know about school-Transportation  Busing Information  Student stands outside 5 minutes before the scheduled bus time  Riding the bus is a privilege  Remind the child about bus expectations  Picking up your child  Safety first!  Use Crosswalks
    42. 42. Weapons Policy  No weapons in school.  No knives or guns including BB guns and air soft guns to school.  No tolerance for weapons on school property before, during or after the school day.  Automatic expulsion.  Our primary concern is your child’s safety.  talk to your child and make sure that they never bring any type of weapon to school.
    43. 43. What are Chrombooks? ❏ It is a web browser , just like IE, FF… ❏ Students can find information quickly any place with internet
    44. 44. How are Chromebooks used at school?  1. Students write papers.  2. Students create presentations.  3. Teachers share information.
    45. 45. How are Chromebooks used at school?  4. Teachers and students share information without printing.  5. Teachers can edit while students are writing.  6.Teacher use websites to list homework
    46. 46. How are Chromebooks used at school?  7.Students can do research  8.Students can read some textbooks on chromebooks
    47. 47. Elementary Students  Students will get chromebook at school everyday  Students will leave chromebooks at school
    48. 48. Middle School Students  Students pick up in pro time every day  Students use in class  Students leave at school every day
    49. 49. High School Students  Given to every students  Students must charge every night  Must bring to school every day  Do not let siblings use  Use in class on teacher approved websites
    50. 50. INSURANCE  Optional insurance for $40  If broken or stolen, families must still pay even with insurance
    51. 51. Questions?  Do you have questions for us?  How do you want the school to help you?
    52. 52. Thank you for coming! Poornima D’Souza – Parent Educator Sioux Falls School District
    53. 53. Any Suggestions or Questions?
    54. 54.  - poster         
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