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Internet Safety_Chromebooks_i-Pad Apps


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All you wanted to know about Internet Safety_Chromebooks_i-Pad Apps

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Internet Safety_Chromebooks_i-Pad Apps

  2. 2. INTERNET SAFETY The Internet can be a wonderful resource for •Research •Interactive games •Online viewing •Communication & more….
  3. 3. Internet & Children What is the Internet?? How do you think children should use the internet??
  4. 4. SMART INTERNET USAGE Internet Adults Email Payments Research Teens Children Games Chat Homework Music IM & games Videos
  5. 5. Computer Usage How do your children use the Internet at home?
  6. 6. INTERNET USE HOW CAN CHILDREN USE INTERNET TO LEARN? Valuable Educational Tools Educational Games Reading & Writing Connection to the World Many Resources
  8. 8. INTERNET SAFETY SUPERVISED/UNSUPERVISED ACCESS POINTS Schools Home Protected Monitoring Block & Filters Educate Supervision Safety CHALLENGE FOR PARENTS - Ensuring children are safe wherever they use the Internet
  9. 9. Limits for Children •Limit time on the computer and video games • Select educational games that are age appropriate • Involve children in decision making
  10. 10. INTERNET SAFETY Don’t give out this information online: Your last name Your phone number Where you live Where you go to school
  11. 11. Tips for Parents Parents need to be aware that through MySpace children can gain access to the following: Risks Involved Gang Information Inappropriate/ Violent videos Sexual Predators
  12. 12. Tips for Parents Parents need to teach your children the following Never List Online Full Name Home Address Phone Numbers Passwords Calling Card Number Social Security Number Parents’ Names Mothers Maiden Name Parents Place of work When/Where they will be
  13. 13. Safe Internet Sites Some of the safe internet sites for children Kids Click Internet Public Library- Info.Please Fact Monster Think Quest Library- Pandia Kids & Teens- Awesome Library Kaboose Fun Brain Net Smartz Search Engines GoGooligans- Yahooligans - Ask Kids Quintara Kids - Tek Mom
  14. 14. Resources INTERNET SAFETY tools
  15. 15. Resources for all subject areas INTERNET SAFETY Math Mathwire Leon’s Math Movies Digital Filling Cabinet Virtual Math Manipulatives Visuwords Save the Words (Older Students) Create a Graph Elementary Math Activities School Tube Math Games Language Arts Math Is Fun - Mathionaire Free Reading Math Playground Gotta Keep Reading Video Science Kid Blog Science Clips Game Goo Foss Science Read*Write*Think Science Powerpoints Free Rice Science Interactive Cyber Sleuth Kids I know that Brain Boosters Kids Know It Try Science
  16. 16. Resources INTERNET SAFETY
  17. 17. Kids Know It -   Free online educational learning network for kids. Over 500 educational games focusing on science and social
  18. 18. -  An alternative to doing a Google search.
  19. 19. World Book for Kids  Online resource for kids. It includes an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, homework help, study aids, and curriculum guides.
  20. 20. Learn360 -   Online multi-media resources such as videos and audio clips. (Subscription required)
  21. 21. Culture Gram      SFSD Library Portal - access Culture Grams online research resource for learning about the culture of countries information is written in kid friendly language photos, videos, interviews, famous people, flags, recipes and graphs and tables comparing country data. Hawthorne students used this site to do research projects on their heritage.
  22. 22. BrainPOP -   Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies, Arts & Music and English movies, quizzes, activity pages and school homework help for K-12 kids. (Subscription Required)
  23. 23. Learning Planet  Educational online games for kids preschool through sixth grade
  24. 24. Fun School - Funschool offers:  free online educational games for elementary school kids  printable activities  coloring pages and crafts that will help kids learn.
  25. 25. The Kidz Page A variety of online learning games.  jigsaw puzzles  math and number games  word games  picture games  memory games  logic puzzles  sudoku
  26. 26. E-learning for kids -    Created by a global nonprofit foundation Dedicated to free and fun online learning for kids of all ages. (math, science, reading, health and life skills) Available in English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  27. 27. PBS Kids -   Educational games, PBS KIDS shows,
  28. 28. Starfall -   free website that focuses on teaching kids to read with phonics. lots of exciting phonics games and interactive books. (Preschool – 1st grade)
  29. 29. Tumblebooks -  An online collection of animated, talking picture books.  Available for free through the Siouxland Library webpage
  30. 30. Kids Know It -   Free online educational learning network for kids. Over 500 educational games focusing on science and social
  31. 31. Khan Academy over 2400 free videos from arithmetic to physics, finance and more.  goal is to accelerate learning for students of all ages.  help learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace and has practice exercises 
  33. 33. ❏It is a web browser ❏Students can find information quickly any place with internet
  34. 34. 1. Students write papers. 2. Students create presentations. 3. Teachers share information.
  35. 35. 4. Teachers and students share information without printing. 5. Teachers can edit while students are writing. 6.Teacher use websites to list homework
  36. 36. 7.Students can do research 8. Students can read some textbooks on chromebooks
  37. 37. i-Pad Apps
  38. 38. i-Pad Apps Teacher Tools Prezi *TED *Khan Academy Pages Noteability Google Drive Remember the Milk - Free Dragon Dictation - Free or paid version Splashtop 2 ENL Trav Talk-have to record the phrases Word Lens-not free- translates words on a page to other languages *ESL express- words frequently confused *Irregular verbs for English, IELTS… *WordLens- Translates print into other languages through camera- $5 per language *Basic English hello-hello The essentials page is free panoramic photo app Reading/High Frequency words/Vocabulary/Grammar Jumbled Sent 3, (1&2 also) *Build a word Express *Phototouch Sightwords Cimo Spelling Sight(lite) *Bitsboards ScribblePress- make own books SparkleFish *Storybots National Geographic Weird but true! Idioms Root Words iSentence ($) PP vowels EF High Flyers Alligator Apps: Little Writer (also little reader or speller ($)), Sentence Maker, *Comparative Adjectives, Emotions, *Lingo Arcade Grasshopper Apps are great too! flashcards- food, animals, nouns *Picture Dictionary Free *Bluster *Free book companies: reading A-Z (leveled), storychimes,Magic Ink, TabTale, Aesop Apps
  39. 39. FEEDBACK Was the presentation good  3 things you learned  2 things you found interesting  1 question you have
  40. 40. PARENT UNIVERSITY LINKS - videos and tutorials - Parent University website - Parent University wiki and ning for higher level parents. - Parent Involvement for student achievement - - All you wanted to know about Diversity
  41. 41. References
  42. 42. THE END Contact Information: Poornima D'Souza School Home Liaison Phone: (605) 367 4580 Cell: (605) 201 0127 Fax: (605) 367 6074