All about the Kunama Culture


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Kunama Culture

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All about the Kunama Culture

  1. 1. EritrEa ~Kunama
  2. 2. Africa’s Place in the World Kunama
  3. 3. Eritrea Map We have nine tribe in this country ~ 1.Tigriniya 2.Tigre 3.Kunama 4.Saho 5.Afar 6.Rashaida 7.Bilen 8.Beniamir 9.Nara
  4. 4. Important festivals in the Kunama Culture Tuka - Satta (Celebrated once in 8 years) - special hair style for this occasion Galli-Galla ~ (Annual cultural Festival) Kundura (Annual cultural celebration) – engagement ceremony
  5. 5. Special food in the Kunama Culture Shingila Fa -use the leaves and Ashofa sorgam leaves to make flour. Shingila leaves are rich in Vitamin A - use the leaves of this tree to prepare soup) Goda ~(Tree fruit) the tribe use this seed in the drought. This does not need much water.
  6. 6. Unique in the Kunama Culture Kelete - match makers – 2 in number will be selected by the family and they have to be respected by all. They help with all the wedding preparation. Anfura-ila (the cultural event of adulthood - boys). The boys ages 14-16 are taken to a far away place to a river, give them a bath and tonsure the head. Then they expect the boys to hold the special grassbibisena and if they do not hold them(not virgin)they are whipped with a rope made of jute
  7. 7. Unique in the Kunama Culture Sanga-nene (a group that solves problems of life peacefully) – like the court system here. Open for all religious group. It is cultural group. This is a highly revered and respected group.
  8. 8. Traditional clothing in my country Ballada (a cloth wear by men during cultural dance) Adalkana (a dress worn by women) Matalita (men’s outfit) Adalkana (a dress worn by women)
  9. 9. Hairstyles in Kunama culture Uda ana (hair styles for everyday)
  10. 10. Hairstyles in Kunama culture Sakida ana (hair styles for men everyday)
  11. 11. Handicraft work in the Kunama culture Women working palm tree leaves to weave baskets, bags, travelling bags, hats, sleeping mats, ropes, lids for utensils and many other things
  12. 12. Collaborative Work Men, women and children in the Kunama culture work collaboratively and collectively helping each other in the community
  13. 13. Handicraft work in the Kunama culture
  14. 14. Styles of Home building 4 groups of people each have their own style Groups in Kunama are: 1.Gumma 2.Serrma 3.Shuwa 4.Karwa
  15. 15. People carrying loads The people of Kunama carry loads in the basket on their shoulders
  16. 16. Ancestors in the Kunama Culture Herds men: Rearing cows, goats and sheep. The herdsmen is in the center to control the animals from fighting
  17. 17. Ancestors in the Kunama Culture Andinna ~ will get the power of tongues and will be able to speak Arabic and Tigre languages. The celebration is done in group with the leader.
  18. 18. Folk Dance in the Kunama Culture Kubula ~ men and women dance together during festivals, celebrations, weddings, when aged man dies – celebrate his good life on earth
  19. 19. Alphabets in the Kunama tribe: a – ah b- ba c -cha d – da e –eh f - fa g – ga h- ha i - ee j - ja k – ka l - la ly – lya m –ma n – na n –nga ny - nya o -o q –kua r –ra s –sa s -sha t -tha u –oo w – wa y - ya
  20. 20. References 1.Kunama Cultural book – Furda 2.Google images – kunama culture 3.Interviewed Endrias
  21. 21. THE END Contact Information: Poornima D'Souza School Home Liaison Phone: (605) 367 4580