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Learn about Africa

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  1. 1. parent University
  2. 2. Parents as Leaders Justice, loyalty, perseverance blood purity ParentUniversity
  3. 3. Parents as Leaders ParentUniversity
  4. 4. East African Culture
  5. 5. Dress T cl hes peopl w r he ot e ea East Africa women wear kangas.These are colorful pieces of fabricthat they wrap around their body oron top of their head. They are alsohave other uses, like carryingchildren. Men often wear western-styleclothing, like jeans and a shirt. It is respectful to have yourshoulders and legs covered.
  6. 6. E t ducaion T w ypeopl l r he a e ean In Africa, education is veryvalued. It is free to go toelementary school, but it costsmoney to go to high school. Notmany people can afford to go. There are many differenttypes of schools. Some areprivate schools. Families mustpay or receive scholarships toattend. Scholarships are giftsof free money for education. Some schools teach Englishand others teach Swahili. Thereare even schools in villages.
  7. 7. Art There are many different types of art in Africalike paintings, sculptures, cloth, and beadwork. Theseare ways that people can express their culture. Art is often about animals, villages, or familiesbecause those are highly valued in their culture.
  8. 8. Attitudes
  9. 9. At udes titp ole-p ole slowly- slowlyhakuna m atata no worrieskarib u welcom e These are three of the words I heard most often. Everyone I met was so happy. They have many problems like poverty and poor health care, but most are happy. Family is very important. They often live with many family members.
  10. 10. Africa’s Place in the World
  11. 11. erithreaethiopia &somalia
  12. 12. Mizan from Eritrea speaks Tigriniya Eritrean Style of preparing coffee
  13. 13. Coffee ceremony table
  14. 14. Coffee making ceremony
  15. 15. Jawana – coffee making pot
  16. 16. Pictures from back home
  17. 17. Wedding and culturalcelebration in Eritrea
  18. 18. African Food plantain, cassava, eddeos and fufu Cassava Eddeos PlantainFufu ( Pounded Yam
  19. 19. This is my traditional dressSelambachiEthiopian flag colorsHabasha Kameez
  20. 20. We are ChristianOrthodox.These are the picturesof Mother Mary withbaby Jesus alongSt.Michael andSt.Gabriel, Trinity
  21. 21. injara making panBasket to store bed, popcorn, enjaramasharfat Mankashkash - coffee frying pan
  22. 22. Ithaann - incense box
  23. 23. Foziya preparing theYummy Ethiopian coffee
  24. 24. incense box
  25. 25. PARENTUNIVERSIT Y THE END Poornima D’Souza School-Home Liaison School Falls School District.