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Build Future With DeNA 2011 (Old version but still ok)


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DeNA proposal

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Build Future With DeNA 2011 (Old version but still ok)

  1. 1. 1 Build Future With DeNA September 16th , 2011 Tetsuya Mori Managing Director DeNA Asia Pacific Holdings
  2. 2. 2  Many more women in ao dai on motorbike than today  Cows walking on a highway from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi  Sun Wah Tower was the most prestigious office building  Large scale shopping mall just emerging  Bryan Pelz still working at VinaGame  Henry Nguyen @IDG still enjoying a single life First Time in Viet Nam, 3 Years Ago I saw Lots of changes since then…..
  3. 3. 3  Substantial headroom for economic growth   ‘Tomorrow is better than today’  Great Vietnamese food   So Vo Women rule VN Index around 400-500   Great entrepreneur spirit  3 Years Later, Still Don’t Change
  4. 4. 4 Vietnam Hidden Gem  The most developed Internet ecosystem in South East Asia - The largest Internet company in SEA - VNG - The largest E-commerce company in SEA - - Several 1000+ employee companies supporting ecosystem  One of the best mobile infrastructure in Asia - Ubiquitous mobile broadband 3G+Wifi  Substantially large pool of young and hungry engineers  Silicon Valley like startup mentality  Internet savvy consumers DeNA strongly believes the future prospect of Viet Nam We wants to assist Viet Nam gaming ecosystem to grow
  5. 5. 5 DeNA – About us  World’s largest mobile game publisher from Japan Founded 1999 by female founder Tomoko Namba Listed TSE 2005 (stock ticker 2432) Known as ‘Mobage’ gaming brand – Publish in-house developed games and 3rd party games – Publish and distribute games through mobile handsets – Publish primarily inside Japan 2010 Revenue $1.4B, Ops margin 50% – Almost all revenue from Japan in the past User reach – 30 million or 25% of Japanese population 20% of Japan’s Internet Traffic Market Cap $5.3B
  6. 6. 66 DeNA – Growing Fast Net Revenues Ordinary Income(Profit before tax) *Blue means actual data, Light blue means estimated data as of the end of July, 2011. Currency converted with the exchange rate 1USD = 80JPY. (Million USD) (Million USD) 80 170 371 470 600 23 57 159 201 269 1409 703 887* (6 months) 406* (6 months)
  7. 7. 7 ① Social Game ■Japanese social gaming market( Forecast) ( 100M ) ※Source: Seed Planning , Inc. report ■Estimated Japanese social gaming market (fiscal year)    2009 : 30 billion Yen    2010 : 150 billion Yen   2014 : 251 billion Yen    ② Mobage openplatform - 2009 3Q   Start social gaming business - Jan. 2010 Open platform for 3rd developers - As of the end of Mar. 2011     Social gaming network : 317 developers      : 869 games - Game-related revenue 1Q of 2011: 24 billion Yen ■Mobage game-related revenue Mobage started Social Games just 1 ½ years ago! The social gaming market emerged in just two years. 3rd developers who joined us at an early stage have proven to be todays top earners. The market has recently gotten a lot more competitive because of the entrance of console game giants. In 2010 DeNA had a 60% of the Market Share Social Game Market grew exponentially in the last 2 years
  8. 8. 88 ARPU Comparison * Sum of the sales during July 2010 & June 2011 ** Sales figures of facebook are from the web search as of 2010. *** Source : SEC S-1 Filling Zynga’s ARPU is the average during Jan-March 2011. DeNA’s ARPU is as of June 2011. Even higher ARPU recorded by Active User basis DeNA Business domain Social graph Devices Virtual Real — Predomi- nately mobile Predomi- nately PCs SNS games SNS Games No strong virtual communities overseas to serve as game platforms Chaotic competition for smart phones Sales ARPU $1.5 billion $1–2 billion** $0.6 billion*** x 30** x 18*** $1.4 billion* DeNA has already achieved world top-class status in sales, and ARPU is absolutely No.1 Predomi- nately PCs Of which, SNS/game-related:
  9. 9. 9 Smartphone penetration ( o,ooo shipments ) ( Ratio ) ※Source: MM Research Institute , Ltd. report ■Estimated Smartphone shipments in Japan   2011: 21.85 M ( Penetration rate: 19.9% )   2015: 60.35 M ( Penetration rate: 51.0% ) ■ Android Sold by 3 big carriers. Getting popular by supporting traditional feature phone features such as mobile wallet (NFC), infrared, One Seg. *Example image is ” GALAXY S ”Ⅱ ■ iPhone Sold by SoftBank only. Smash hit due to excellent UI and ample content-rich applications. *Example image is ”iPhone White”. In April 2011, Smartphone shipments already reached 46.2% of all mobile shipments (Source: BCN ranking) Smarthphone penerates Japan much faster than any prediction
  10. 10. 1010 DeNA + ngmoco Global Strategy Smartphones SNS Social games × × (iPhone, Android) By combining SNS and Social games, DeNA aims to position itself as the No. 1 platform in the rapidly growing global Smartphones market
  11. 11. 1111 X-device & X-border game development through ngCore Mobage Japan Mobage GlobalMobage China ngCore Game Game development engine Game developers SNS ngCore X-border release X-device release iOS Applications Android Applications Other OShtml5・・ ・ Other engines DeNA
  12. 12. 12 Commitment to South East Asia and Vietnam  Opening of DeNA Asia Pacific Holdings - Asia HQ in Singapore - Support local developers’ migration to mobile social games - Drive Mobage game distribution to SEA  Vietnam - We see great potential in game development - We wants to contribute local developer community - ngCore SDK - Knowledge transfer - Investment - Gateway to global distribution - Case in point : Punch Entertainment Vietnam acquisition
  13. 13. 13 DeNA Support to Selected Developing PartnersDeNA Support to Selected Developing Partners PlanningPlanning α versionα version β versionβ version Final versionFinal version PromotionPromotion Pre-releasePre-release Post-releasePost-release Game design Game cycle UI UI UI We can push users to your game using Mobage promotions Social features Game quality Fine tuning QA check Social features In-app purchase All Partners are presented with support and know-how at each of the following stepsAll Partners are presented with support and know-how at each of the following steps Social features In-app purchase
  14. 14. 14 Build your future with DeNA