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Bio industrial parks in china-npg 201002


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Bio industrial parks in china-npg 201002

  1. 1. A DV ER T I SEMENT FEAT URE Shanghai BIOON Group Information Technology Co., Ltd w w Bio-industrial parks in China: Striking a Balance The rapid growth of China’s economy is reflected in the Furthermore, I believe the small and medium-sized dramatic rate of development observed in the nation’s enterprises engaged in short term development, for biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Currently, there example, production of diagnostic reagents, may be bet- are more than 300 contract research organizations ter suited to second-tier bio-industrial parks. In contrast, (CROs) and 5,000 pharmaceutical companies in China. companies based on proprietary technology require a The gross domestic product of China’s medical and long-term strategy and market orientation. As such, the pharmaceutical industry exceeded US$140 billion in government plans a park’s development strategy based 2008, compared to only $1.2 billion in 1979. Growth on the local development situation and future goals in of the Chinese market is providing a number of great order to strike a reasonable balance between me-too opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors. companies and innovative ones. The world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies have About Dr. Fa-Bao Zhang: The founder of already invested in China-based production. Opportunities and challenges BioonGroup and CEO of Shanghai BIOON China has the world’s largest population, and the Information Technology Co., Ltd.; Also serves as the co-founder and secretary- The difference between hotspot and country has undertaken sweeping reforms designed to general of Life Science Awards (LSAC), a differentiation improve healthcare access in the country. At present, member of the expert committee of China In China, local and national governments have integrat- China is actively promoting a rural health policy to acti- Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer ed various resources into the building of bio-industrial vate and improve the health insurance for 800 million Organization (CPTO), consultant of parks adopting the business model that first proved suc- rural farmers. This initiative undoubtedly represents a national bioindustry parks. cessful in the US. Creation of bio-industrial parks is a huge number of opportunities for domestic and inter- complex undertaking that presents challenges at every national pharmaceutical businesses. We believe that BioonGroup, established since 2001 in step from idea to application. Following the success of an annual 25% growth rate of China’s pharmaceutical China, as the leading service organization, Wuxi AppTec Co. Ltd (Shanghai, China), a leading CRO industry will remain consistent for the next five years provide latest news, instruments and reagents information, professional company; many bio-industrial parks began to seek out (the end of China’s twelfth Five-year Plan for Economic consulting and marketing survey and and groom similar world class companies such as those Development). analysis based on life sciences and providing outsourcing services or conducting research Harnessing these growth opportunities is a new medicine. The divisions of BioonGroup and development (R&D). challenge. Each of the top ten pharmaceutical compa- include six websites and three subbrands, Although the Chinese pharmaceutical outsourcing nies has entered China and is either building an R&D e.g. BIOON, MedSci and BioInsight. Our market is growing rapidly, this does not mean that all center or renting space for R&D operations. However, mission is that building a rapid and bio-industrial parks should focus on CROs. In my view, some companies are still hesitating, wondering about the convenient platform to link supplies to these bio-industrial parks should pay more attention to uncertainty of Chinese policy and marketing. Certainly, pharmaceutical, biotech, and research customers. Meanwhile, over 1.5 million the following three factors: local investment environ- adapting to a rapidly changing market is a difficult chal- registered and permission users’ database ment, geographical location and high-tech talent. Based lenge for small and medium-size enterprises. could help to delivery enterprises news and on the differentiation of these factors, and a need for products information to them via Electronic specialty and high-quality science parks, a national strat- Balance soft environment and hard Direct Mail (EDM) or Direct Mail (DM). All egy was devised and executed for the whole of China. infrastructure BIOTECH IN CHINA these work aim to accelerate China biotech The challenge for the strategy is matching the needs Most of the bio-industrial parks have made large industry development. of companies to local resources. R&D companies need investments in construction infrastructure, includ- Currently, the page views of our websites a technology pool (such as academic institutions) and ing first-rate buildings and advanced equipment and are more than 2 million each day. Most of investigative talent; clinical trial companies focus on instruments. The true accelerators of enterprise devel- who possess Master or Doctoral degrees patient populations and better hospitals; manufactur- opment, however, are more important than these solid and over 70% of the registered members ing enterprises are concerned with cost reduction. Bio- structures. These catalyst include optimised training come from the top 50 Chinese universities industrial parks should, therefore, introduce targeted systems, efficient talent recruitment services, frequent and institutes. companies and develop their specialty according to the academic communication, professional law services appropriate differentiation within the biotech industry. and intellectual property rights consulting. As a lead- CONTACT DETAILS: ing and professional consulting company, we provide Balancing me-too and innovation these services to developing enterprises. From talent BioonGroup It is necessary for the government to encourage Chinese recruitment, market expansion to finance channels, Rm 302, Bulg 2, 51 Longwu Rd, Shanghai companies to be innovative. While innovation is very we provide a one-stop service. 200232,China important but relatively weak as a basis for China’s phar- Dr. Fabao Zhang Tel: +86-21-54485309 maceutical industry, me-too, outsourcing, in-licensing Fax: +86-21-54485087 and out-licensing are other essentials for the growth of the industry. In most of China’s second-tier cities, me- Email:; too and outsourcing would be the better option as a focal point for development activities. S14 ADVERTISER RETAINS SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONTENT