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PR Evaluation Question Three


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PR Evaluation Question Three

  1. 1. EvaluationWhat kind of media institute would distribute your media product and why?Distribution is one of the of the four elements of the marketing and can be crucial to thesuccess of a business meaning that it is crucial that the correct distribution company is usedto ensure that your product is successful.5/1/2013
  2. 2. Bauer MediaBauer Media reaches out to over nineteen million UK adults each yearmaking it the largest distribution company in Europe. This means that ifBauer distribute your product you are guaranteed that your product willbe viewed by millions of people giving you a great chance to besuccessful. I think that Bauer would be a great choice in being thedistributer of my product as they would make it easier to reach out tomy target audience as they are such a well-recognised large company. Incomparison to smaller companies who may not have the chains todistribute my product quickly.On the other hand Bauer already distribute Q magazine which is verysimilar to my music magazine showing chart music and giving a cleanlook on the music industry. This would be very hard to compete againstthis magazine as it already has a massive following and is a verysuccessful magazine at this present time. However overall I feel Bauerwould definitely be one of the distribution companies that I would aimfor due to its good reputation.Another distribution company that could distribute my magazine is IPCmedia, IPC media is one of the leading magazine distributers in the UKdistributing nearly 350 million copies each year. There are many benefitsof using the company to distribute my company as they have the relevantexpertise to find the best way to bring attention to my magazine forexample they firstly decide whether to sell the magazine as a singlemagazine or whether to add it as a package to a more bigger developedmagazine to start word of mouth to get interest into my magazine thisway my magazine can a have a great opportunity into making against itscompetitors.Not only this IPC media distribute NME one of the longest music magazines running to date just giving aprime example of some of their best work drawing me into to choosing this company to distribute mymagazine.
  3. 3. AppleThe way in which we now buy and read magazines has changed overyears with the information age turning more digital meaning that moreand more magazine are being sold online and particular through appsat the apple store. With Apple providing a newsstand feature on allApple Devices, more magazines are adopting this distributing approachfrom big branded magazines such as company, grazia, mixmag andvogue. This would be a great way to distribute my magazine as it issuitable to my target audience as many of them own iPhones/iPadsand iPods meaning they can purchase my magazine on demand this isvery convenient for students who lead a busy lifestyle.Not only this, this method of distributing would reach out to a wider audience who may not like to readin what is classed the traditional way meaning I should definitely consider this way of distributionespecially as the world is becoming more digital.