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Question 1, media evaluation


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Question 1, media evaluation

  1. 1. + Question 1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. + Conventions of the genre  Men with tattoos are common in this industry as they are known for being ‘cool’ and are a big part of today’s society. Subtle jewelry is worn (earrings, a chain or watch).  Women are always made up, wearing minimal/ fashionable clothing to make them appear perfect in the eye of the viewer. Artists sometimes break conventions by wearing chains and big earrings.  In some videos, the women are more covered up which shows they have control and are not objectified which breaks the conventions of the typical RnB female artist grabbing male attention.
  3. 3. + Magazine ad We used a font which would be used for all our products. As Bruno mars is more known than Johnny Angel we thought that we would emphasize Johnny with the 3D effects. Still, the white font colour stands out from the background so it isn’t ignored. The background is two images blended of the artist and his girl and flowers. It gives a sense of romance as well as advertising the star. We smoothed out her skin to look more professional in accordance to real artists to use the convention of the ‘perfect female’. The short depth of field gives the close up of their faces which is the main focus point of RnB music; to promote the stars. Links to social networking adds to the professional look and is the modern way of gaining access to news about new singles, albums and the lives of the star
  4. 4. + How does the ad use, challenge or develop the conventions? In RnB music, the artist is important to the overall advertisement of the music. Our advert was mainly the male and female actor who feature in the music video to use the conventions of making them the most important feature of the advert. In our video, we had two couples highlighting the lyrics of ‘Tonight’. As having the two couples was a last minute decision and time was restricted, we decided to use the original couple for the magazine advertisement which didn’t match the video as well as we would have liked so this media supposedly challenged the genre of focusing on the artist as only one was included. Moving on from the background image, the title being the artist’s clearly shows who is starring and who is being promoted. We developed the promoting by emphasizing Johnny Mars with his name being bigger, in a different font and colouring as Bruno Mars. Links to other medias included twitter and facebook (popular social networking sites) which are definitely going to help reach the target audience we suggested due to the popularity of this advertising method. A corner of the ad shows ‘out now’ in white capitals against a blank black background which clearly states that the artists have new music out.
  5. 5. + Digipak This is an unconventional feature as in RnB the artist is being advertised usually yet we used the female actor to reinforce that the lyrics are about being devoted to his girl We included links to other media on our digipak, intending to reach the target audience better if this were a real single. YouTube, Facbook and Twitter are popular with that age group As well as the social media links, we chose to include a QR code to get The video more publicised which is a convention for as the idea is to sell the media
  6. 6. + We have use the convention that the female in our music video wears fashionable clothing. This is achieved by her wearing what is ‘in’ at the moment for our teenage target audience which is the smart top and quilted jacket with trainers. This will enable the audience to compare themselves with her as role models are commonly devised by what they see in the media. We didn’t want her to be wearing minimalistic clothing as we didn’t want to give the effect that she was controlled by the male. The narrative is a cute love story and so that type of clothing wouldn’t have fitted with our choice. She is made up but not heavily which gives her the perfection but without being too over the top and being unnatural. The second of our male actors most represents the look of the conventional RnB artist with his tattoos and subtle ear piercing which are both a big part of today’s society.
  7. 7. + Here, the male actor sports a beanie type hat which is the fashion of today. Him lip syncing with a female actor aside him shows that he gets female attention and so is conventional of the genre. He is affectionate towards her yet isn’t distracted which shows that he is very chilled and used to the limelight like the real artist of the song would be We put in some boxing moves which gives an insight to his personality, hinting that he works out possibly. It shows his tough side and the ability to stand up for his girl as well as the softer side we see in the video as well as this which flows with the narrative
  8. 8. + We see the unconventional side to the female’s appearance in that she is wearing large earrings. It isn’t typical of the genre of our music video. These particular shots show that the female is taking control of the relationship and isn’t being ogled at by him. It breaks the convention at this point. The emphasis is also not on the vehicle but on the couple and the love that they share.