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Final storyboard

  1. 1. Music Video, Final Storyboard (Benjamin Francis Leftwich – The Boat)
  2. 2. Shot Number: 1Type of Shot: Medium Close up of actoropening the curtains.Transition/Effects: none, black and whiteLength of Shot: 3 secondsShot Number: 2Type of Shot: Close up of water movementTransition/Effects: none, noneLength of Shot:2 seconds
  3. 3. Shot Number:3Type of Shot: Panning shot following flyingbirds through the sky.Transition/Effects: none, noneLength of Shot:2 secondsShot Number:4Type of Shot: long shot of actor playing theguitar zooms in for medium close up ofguitar.Transition/Effects:none, noneLength of Shot:4 seconds
  4. 4. Shot Number:5Type of Shot: Medium shot looking througha train window as the train moves pastscenery.Transition/Effects:none,noneLength of Shot: 3 secondsShot Number:6Type of Shot:Wide shot of actor standingwatching water.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:3 seconds
  5. 5. Shot Number:7Type of Shot: Low angle shot of actorplaying the guitarTransition/ Effects: none, noneLength of Shot:3 secondsShot Number:8Type of Shot: Stop frame animation of pilingup of photos of actor and his girlfriend andthen exploding as he touches them thencrumples one up. (Put together fromindividual photos. Transition/Effects: none, noneLength of Shot:12 seconds
  6. 6. Shot Number:9Type of Shot:Long shot of actor sitting onfloor facing the water.Transition/Effects:none,noneLength of Shot:3 secondsShot Number:10Type of Shot:Long shot of actor reaching fora rock on the ground next to him.Transition/Effects:none, noneLength of Shot:2 seconds
  7. 7. Shot Number:11Type of Shot: Close up of handing actuallygrabbing hold of a rock from the ground.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:1 secondShot Number:12Type of Shot: medium close up of actorthrowing the rock into the waterTransition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:2 seconds
  8. 8. Shot Number:13Type of Shot: Close up of rock flying throughthe air then hitting the water.Transition/Effects: none, slow motion shotLength of Shot:2 secondsShot Number:14Type of Shot: Close up of playing guitarzooms into an extreme close up.Transition/Effects:none,noneLength of Shot:4 seconds
  9. 9. Shot Number:15Type of Shot:long shot of actor walkingdirectly towards the camera. Transition/Effects:jump cuts to next shotLength of Shot:3 secondsShot Number:16Type of Shot:close up of actor who nowwalks straight infront of then past thecamera.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:3 seconds
  10. 10. Shot Number:17Type of Shot:close up of side on view of feetwalking.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:2 secondsShot Number:18Type of Shot:Wide shot of actor walking outof shot from side on view.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:2 seconds
  11. 11. Shot Number:19Type of Shot: Overhead shot of actor sittingon the edge of the waterside looking intothe water.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:3 secondsShot Number:20Type of Shot:Point of view shot of actorlooking down at his feet as he walking alongthe street.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:4 seconds
  12. 12. Shot Number:21Type of Shot: Point of view shot of actorwalking up to holding on to and thenlooking around the harbour.Transition/Effects: none, noneLength of Shot:4 secondsShot Number:22Type of Shot: Medium close up of actorlooking past the camera as if he is stilllooking at the harbour.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot:2 seconds
  13. 13. Shot Number:23Type of Shot:Time lapse shot of the skyturning from day time to night. Film for atotal of roughly 40 minutes then speed up.Transition/Effects: none, sped up a lot.Length of Shot:10 secondsShot Number:24Type of Shot: long shot of random couplewalking out of shotTransition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot: 3 seconds
  14. 14. Shot Number:25Type of Shot: high angle shot of actorplaying the guitar.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot: 2 secondsShot Number:26Type of Shot: Camera circles the actor whois standing in a completely big empty room.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot: 6 seconds
  15. 15. Shot Number:27Type of Shot: angled shot of close up withcamera looking down the guitar neck at theactor playing.Transition/Effects: none, noneLength of Shot: 4 secondsShot Number: 28Type of Shot: Wide/Mid shot of actorsmoking outside, camera half circles theactor.Transition/Effects: none,noneLength of Shot: 5 seconds
  16. 16. Shot Number: 29Type of Shot:Actor standing on the edge ofthe road with his back turned to the camerawith cars going past. (Sped up really fastthen slow down for the end second).Transition: fades into black (next shot)Length of Shot: 10 seconds.Shot Number:30Type of Shot: black finishing frame.Transition: last shot fades to black.Length of Shot: 1 second