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Diet rowing


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Diet rowing

  2. 2. Wanna know how to enhance your training??• Train for longer• Boost recovery time• SUPER ENERGY!• Body fuel!!!• Muscle growth and repair• (not to mention flawless skin and good health and well being!)
  3. 3. Well get eating healthy then bitches!• Take a minute to think about your diet• Theres no good dining off Maccies and fast food take away expecting to be the next top athlete!• Believe it or not, you are what you eat! and your body can work better if your fuelling it with the right foods
  4. 4. carbohydrates• Athletes benefit the most from the amount of carbs stored in the body. During digestion the body breaks down carbs to glucose and stores it in he muscles as glycogen. During exercise glycogen is converted back to glucose and used for energy.• Boosting recovery time! After a hard interval session or a steady long endurance session, eating carbs within a short time can improve recovery time
  5. 5. • Rice, Pasta, potato, bread, banana, baked beans
  6. 6. PROTEIN!!!• Important for muscle growth and to repair body tissues. Protein is also used in the body as energy!• Egg = 100% protein quality• Fish, Meat, Cows milk, Rice, peas and Lentils
  7. 7. Meatless protein boosts (for you vegetarians!)• Beans and grains• Seeds and nuts• Peanuts• Fish (if your a fish eating vegetarian)• Eggs
  8. 8. ENERGY FOODS!!!• OATS OATS OATS!!!!! Oats slow glucose absorption in the bloodstream helping maintain peak energy levels....porridge anyone?• BLUEBERRIES!! Energy enhancing antioxidant. Also keeps your immune system renewed. (get um for a quid at the fruit market)• PLAIN YOGHURT!! Nutritional powerhouse!! Loaded with calcium! Perfect recovery food for athletes. Promoting glycogen replenishment and muscle recovery• SWEET POTATO! Nutrients prevent cell damage in athletes as well as enhancing muscle recovery after intense training• ORANGES! Rich in natural sugars for a quick boost• WHOLE WEAT PASTA! Provides nearly 40g of energy rich carbs per serving.
  9. 9. • So guys! Eat a balanced diet each day• 30 mins before your workout? Get hydrated people! Drink plenty of water, eat snacky foods such as cereal bars, nuts or a banana? Avoid going for a high sugar snack such as a chocolate bar, that tempting treat will give you an energy boost for a short while but will soon wear off leaving you with an energy low• Eating after your workout! Your post exercise meal needs to be consumed within 2 hours after your workout in order to replenish glycogen stores
  10. 10. • This PowerPoint was just a little something to think about alongside your training,• Please just consider your diet• (ALSO be aware I have only talked about carbs and protein and there are many other elements to your diet you need to consider such as fibre, vitamins and minerals, fats etc etc!• HAPPY TRAINING PEEPS!
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