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LEED v4 Green Building Focuses on Lighting


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Discover why lighting is such a critical part of every green, eco-friendly building destined for LEED certification. Learn how to maximize the available credits by using smart lighting, light sensors, and more.

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LEED v4 Green Building Focuses on Lighting

  1. 1. Lighting is Center Stage in LEED v4
  2. 2. In the US, lighting accounts for roughly 21% of commercial electricity consumption. Source: U.S. Energy Information Association
  3. 3. LEED v4 promotes more efficient lighting and lighting design in… -EA Credit Optimize Energy Performance (≤20 points) -EQ Credit Interior Lighting (≤2 points) -EQ Credit Daylight (≤3 points) -EQ Credit Quality Views (≤2 points) -SS Credit Light Pollution Reduction (1 point)
  4. 4. Daylighting is the maximization of natural light allowed into a building based on occupant needs.
  5. 5. Source: ANL Lighting Daylighting Guide
  6. 6. …but more glass means more glare controls & consideration of passive solar strategies.
  7. 7. Daylighting creates more open spaces and improves circadian rhythms by connecting occupants with the natural world. Image Source: University of Utah
  8. 8. Using ample glass for maximal daylight is particularly popular in atrium design.
  9. 9. Luckily, LEED v4 now allows such atriums to count for as much as 30% of required area for the Quality Views credit.
  10. 10. Lighting controls are also a critical part of maximizing lighting efficiency for the IEQ Interior Lighting credit. (90% of occupant spaces must have controls per Option 1 calculations.)
  11. 11. Smart lighting control technology worth investigating… Cree SmartCast CommScope Redwood Philips ActiLume Organic Response
  12. 12. Lighting controls & more efficient design aren’t just about reducing energy consumption though…
  13. 13. LEED v4 also offers one point for IEQ Light Pollution Reduction
  14. 14. According to International Dark Sky Association, light pollution (unnecessary outdoor lighting that escapes into the night sky), has numerous harmful effects on: -Bird migration -Insect & nocturnal mammal life -Amphibian reproduction -Melatonin production in humans -Economic viability (wasted energy & finances) & more!
  15. 15. The right indoor & outdoor lighting can add significant value to your LEED application. Don’t miss the opportunity.
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