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Winning picture of PopFax summer contest


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Popfax announces the winner of its summer contest.

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Winning picture of PopFax summer contest

  1. 1. September 12, 2011 Winning picture of Popfax summer contestCongratulations to Vasco Oliveira – the WINNER of the Summer Contest 2011 and new owner of aSamsung Galaxy Tab & Popfax mug!He was the photographer of the winning picture, showing his summer office, with Popfaxconnecting him and his business.Our marketing team appreciated how, with a noticeable touch of humor, Vasco’s picturedemonstrated the ubiquity and mobility of Popfax unified messaging solutions, allowingprofessionals to stay connected with their businesses, whether on the move or on vacation.“The idea of having a creative contest was hovering in our minds for a long time. The summerholiday period was just the right time to start it. We wanted to demonstrate the efficiency ofPopfax unified messaging solutions for professionals out of the office. It was a pleasant experiencefor all of us, and hopefully for our customers, to be involved in this merry event.” says VladimirPopesco, the General Manager of Contest was held between July 18th, 2011 and September 2nd, 2011 and was open to allclients with a Popfax number. The winning picture was chosen by the Popfax marketing team, whoperformed a ranking of all pictures sent in for the contest. The winning picture has also beenposted on the Popfax Facebook page