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Let's put the right questions

We need to start being an user before testing a Webpage and always we need to have some essential questions in our mind, because the experience that users will receive from the Website will be "a judge" for his/her future navigation.

* This presentation was made for a TechTalk.

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Let's put the right questions

  1. 1. L E T ’ S P U T T H E R I G H T Q U E S T I O N S U S A B I L I T Y T E S T I N G
  2. 2. - D O N N O R M A N “It’s not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and yes, beauty to people’s lives.”
  3. 3. user experience focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations. (
  4. 4. T H E W E B S I T E P U R P O S E & T H E TA R G E T A U D I E N C E
  5. 5. W H AT ’ S T H E G O A L O F T H E W E B S I T E ? • is the message clear and consistent? • is learnable? • is easy to use and navigate? • is providing the right information for users? • is answering to the user’s questions?
  6. 6. @yellowstore
  7. 7. – J E S S E J A M E S G A R R E T T “What makes people passionate, pure and simple, is great experiences. If they have great experience with your product and they have great experiences with your service, they’re going to be passionate about your brand, they’re going to be committed to it. That’s how you build that kind of commitment.”
  8. 8. W H O A R E T H E U S E R S O F Y O U R W E B S I T E ? • do you understand your users? • do you have personas? • do you make user stories? • do you describe scenarios?
  9. 9. @xtensio
  10. 10. – W I L L I A N B U T L E R Y E AT S “Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”
  11. 11. D O Y O U K N O W Y O U R U S E R S ? • how the users find out about your website? • what’s their profile? • what’s the most visited pages? • which are the most used features/elements of your website?
  12. 12. @mammut
  13. 13. – PA U L B O A G “Users are not always logical, at least not on the surface. To be a great designer you need to look a little deeper into how people think and act.”
  14. 14. N AV I G AT I O N & L E A R N A B I L I T Y
  15. 15. I S T H E N AV I G AT I O N E A S Y T O U N D E R S TA N D ? • are implemented the vertical scroll and up button? • it is simple to complete a task on the website? • can user perform the action just using his/her keyboard? • the navigation is consistent?
  16. 16. @apple
  17. 17. – J A K O B N I E L S E N “Clear content, simple navigation, and answers to customer questions have the biggest impact on business value. Advanced technology matters much less.”
  18. 18. I S T H E U S E R A B L E T O L E A R N B Y H I M S E L F / H E R S E L F ? • do your users need a tutorial before navigation? • is the website easy to understand? • is the navigation intuitive? • is the website learnable? • is the website using a pattern?
  19. 19. @vimeo
  20. 20. C O N S I S T E N C Y & C - T- A B U T T O N S
  21. 21. A R E T H E E L E M E N T S C O N S I S T E N T ? • how are the arrangements of the elements? • how are the used colours? • are the elements consistent on different browsers and devices? • are the fonts, colours and information architecture consistent on all pages? • have the pages the same layout?
  22. 22. – J A K O B N I E L S E N “Consistency is one of the most powerful usability principles: when things always behave the same, users don’t have to worry about what will happen. Instead, they know what will happen based on earlier experience. Every time you release an apple over Sir Isaac Newton, it will drop on his head. That’s good.”
  23. 23. A R E T H E B U T T O N S C - T- A ? • are the messages clear? • are the button names C-T-A? • are the colours used the right ones? (e.g. green for save, red for delete etc.)
  24. 24. @jakewolfskin
  25. 25. C O N T E N T & L I N K S
  26. 26. I S T H E C O N T E N T E A S Y T O R E A D ? • can be read without having a style sheet? • is the alignment left justified? has a clear hierarchy? • are the size and colour of the text readable? • are the special characters supported?
  27. 27. – R A N D F I S H K I N “When creating content, be empathetic above all else. Try to live the lives of your audience.”
  28. 28. A R E T H E L I N K S E A S Y T O B E D I S C O V E R E D ? • are they easy to recognise? • is the colour different from the other content? • are the links descriptive? • they are really functional and can be open in a new webpage (when necessary)?
  29. 29. A C T I O N M E S S A G E S & M U LT I M E D I A C O N T E N T
  30. 30. H O W A R E Y O U R A C T I O N M E S S A G E S ? • are the messages displayed after any action? • are the messages clear and easy to understand? • are the messages personalised? • are helping the user or they will confuse him/ her?
  31. 31. @blizzard
  32. 32. – PA U L R A N D “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”
  33. 33. H O W T H E M U LT I M E D I A C O N T E N T I S I N T E G R AT E D O N PA G E S ? • has the user control for the carousel? • are the images qualitative? • is provided an ALT tag for non-text? • has the user control for the video content?
  34. 34. @shouldIuseacarousel
  35. 35. A N D S O O N …
  36. 36. W H AT U S E R S WA N T • to find a place where their needs are understood • to easy find the answers to their questions • to talk their language and to be clear • to be in a place where they can find patterns and learn in the same time • to easy complete tasks • to be in a consistent place that can be accessed from any device
  37. 37. ( S O M E ) U S A B I L I T Y T O O L S : • a paper and a pencil • accessibly checker: • a 5 minute video of a real person using your app: • contrast and colours checker: • creating a persona: • check the website on any resolution: • test the readability:
  38. 38. R E C O M M E N D AT I O N S : • “Usable usability” by Eric Reiss • “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug • “Designing with the mind in mind” by Jeff Johnson • “Elements of user experience” by Jesse James Garrett • “The brain and the inner world” by Marc Solms
  39. 39. Q U E S T I O N S ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  40. 40. T H A N K Y O U .