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Krmen Whs

  1. 1. How I discovered Love... Black Sea, August 2007, 05:30 am
  2. 2. I was carefuly walking down the alley that was leading to the beach. I couldn`t hear anything,didn`t see anything around me. It was like I was in a different world and floating on top of the clouds.
  3. 3. I sat on the beach, put my head in my hands,and I was waiting for the sun to rise.
  4. 4. The sea was calm. Only a few kingfishers ware slowly flying towards unknown horizons.
  5. 5. The sun came out of the sea and smiled to the ones that were waiting for its rising.
  6. 6. I was watching across the sea and I suddenly saw something shiny floating on sea. The waves were bringing that treasure closer with every breeze. I was sure it was something misterious.
  7. 7. It was a bottle containing a message.
  8. 8. I went closer to the shore and I stopped in front of the bottle. I was a bit scared to open it and see what was written. I checked the time, was 6 am. I realised that it couldn`t be bad news. Sharp hours are a proof of love.
  9. 9. I pulled myself together and oppened it. I had a nice surprise. It was a papyrus and it had a few lines written on it.
  10. 10. quot; I love you and I want you here all the time. Nothing can make me happier than knowing you close to me. I wash away your pain, I give you the warmth of the sun, I let you step on the delicate sand. All this land is your hope for the future.quot; (Voice of the sea)
  11. 11. I cried happy tears when I read it. I wanted to keep the message, but I threw it back in the sea. I wanted to let everybody know that the sea is our friend.
  12. 12. That`s when I discovered for the first time what love means. I raised and left... But I took with me the sea and the summer, in my soul.
  13. 13. The seaside is the most sublime place where I find myself and I feel free. No matter if it`s winter or summer, hot or cold, the sea is my only escape. Everytime I come back to it. I take my friends every summer and we go to the seaside, leaving a country of empty cities behind.
  14. 14. I am waiting for the summer to go to the beach and make love to the sea. The sea is my greatest love!
  15. 15. The End Music – Chris Rea [Looking for the summer] Images – Internet [] []