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Effective 60 Second BNI Presentations - Mike Darnell, BNI United Bangkok


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Effective 60 Second BNI Presentations - Mike Darnell, BNI United Bangkok

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Effective 60 Second BNI Presentations - Mike Darnell, BNI United Bangkok

  1. 1. 5 Keys for Effective60 secpresentations Mike Darnell/BNI United Bangkok
  2. 2. Today we’re here to talk aboutSECS!!! 60 secs to be exact…
  3. 3. “60 Seconds? No problem! I can talkabout me for hours…”Every 60 seconds we ever give will always bethe first impression we make on someone… …and we only ever get 1 chance to make a first impression
  4. 4. GOAL Improving our 60 second presentations in order to maximize each opportunity we get toeducate our BNI sales team
  5. 5. Why 60 seconds?1. Less is More – Being succinct is a virtue2. Challenging – It keeps things interesting3. Practical – at 60 seconds/person a BNI meeting with 30 people will take at least 2 hours…
  6. 6. The 5 keys to an effective 60 secondsBNIs recommended structure
  7. 7. 1. Name Company Profession, What We Do – Overview2. The “Least Common Denominator” – Introduce the specific facet of your business you’ll discuss this week3. Tell Your LCD Story – Elaborate on your LCD4. Call to Action – List your specific referral request5. Conclusion – Repeat your name, company and profession and provide a “Memory Hook”
  8. 8. Intro: Name, Company, Professionand what we do“…Hi,my name is Mike Darnell and I run, The KeyPerformance Indicator Company . I’m an ecommerceproject manager. My goal is to help you make more fromyour website…”• 10 seconds Stress their benefits
  9. 9. The Least Common Teach your teamDenominator 1 new thing every week“…This week I’d like totalk to you about thebenefits of SiteSearch…”• 5 seconds
  10. 10. The Story The type of client“…Over the past week I’ve been we work withhelping a client – a medium sizedTechnology vendor by implementingSite Search. After only a week wediscovered that most customers are What we dolooking for the site’s Login function.The benefit to the client – a quick winvia a small fix that will go a long wayto improve customer service…” How it helps• 40 seconds
  11. 11. The Call to Action “…This week I’d like an BE SPECIFIC introduction to K. Pawoot, the CEO of I want to offer him to pilot a new and exciting ecommerce video technology…”Stress their benefits
  12. 12. Signoff – beingmemorable in agood way“…I’m Mike DarnellHelping youMilk your onlineMetrics for profits…”• 5 seconds Have a TAGLINE
  13. 13. Conclusion1. The less you talk about yourself the better2. Talk about how you help others instead3. Be clear4. Be specific5. Practice makes perfect – work with a BNI partner6. Measure your effect – did you get what you came for?
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Mike Darnell BNI United BangkokIf youenjoyedthisplease The Key PerformanceconsiderSharing, Indicator BlogLiking,Tweeting…