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Space Race Newspaper Article


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Space Race Newspaper Article

  1. 1. July 21, 1969 5 cents S P E C I A L M O O N E D I T I O N The New York Times‘ A G I A N T L E A P F O R W A R D F O R M A N K I N D ’July 21, 1969- A time for celebration andanother amazing success to the UnitedStates, as the Apollo VI mission will soon befully accomplished. Our heroes (Neil A.Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin E.Aldrin Jr.), who have been training manyyears for this special mission, have landedon the Moon (Sea of Tranquility) while insidethe “Eagle” Lunar Module yesterday at 4:17p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Neil A.Armstrong, commander, radioed to themission control room, “Houston, TranquilityBase here. The Eagle has landed”. Sixhours later at 10:56 p.m., the craft’s hatchis opened. Neil A. Armstrong emerges andbecomes the first man to step on themoon’s surface. That’s one small step for aman, one giant leap for mankind”,Armstrong stated this infamous quote while Astronauts of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, stand on theliving the dream, and planting the first Moon’s sur face af ter planting the American flag.footsteps on the moon. Millions of proud particles”. Armstrong started variety of exercises that tested lunar agilityAmericans and people from around the experimenting (e.g. Soil Mechanics (skipping, jumping), before placing the worldglobe watched closely in awe at the live Investigation, Solar Wind Composition renowned American flag on its surface.footage. “The surface is fine and powdery,” Experiment), collected soil samples from President Nixon, as well as many otherArmstrong reported, “I can pick t up loosely the Moon, and took photographs of these nations sent messages of congratulationswith my toe. It does adhere in fine layers incredible memories. Seventeen minutes during the expedition. After a two-an-a-halflike powdered charcoal to the sole and side later, he was joined by co-commander, hour of expedition, Armstrong and Aldrinof my boots I only go in a small fraction of Aldrin, and was able to collect forty-seven returned to their craft at 1:12 A.M. They arean inch, maybe an eighth of an inch. But I pounds of lunar substance, which was to be scheduled to lift off at 1:55 P.M. today.can see the footprints of my boots in the sent back to earth for analysis.treads in the fine sandy The two astronauts also performed a