IAT Reflection


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IAT Reflection

  1. 1. Reflection<br /><ul><li> I definitely agree with the arguments that we are completely oblivious to our unconsciously motivated behavior. When we are unconscious, we tend to do things that we normally might not do. What we choose to do and what we believe in is entirely different from our unconscious actions. Unconsciousness is a lack of our responsiveness, and without realizing, our body can react in a different way than what we would like it to. An example is when people are under the influence of alcohol. Someone who is shy may turn totally loud or being unafraid to do anything. Therefore, your body might react to in a new way that you might not even realize you are doing it. It is not just an excuse to justify our biases. We cannot be conscious all the time. Even when you are asleep, you might say something out of the ordinary that you would not want anyone else to hear. A person might be accepting to all races. But, when they take the test, they might have a preference for one race or another. It is perfectly normal as it is just what your brain thinks when you are unawake, but are not what you would do (like be biased against blacks). Unconsciousness is something that is unknown to you.
  2. 2. Gender-Career IAT Test Result: Your data suggest a moderate association of Male with Career and Female with Family compared to Female with Career and Male with Family.
  3. 3. I thought I would get no preference from this test. This result kind of surprised me a bit that I have a moderate association of Male with Career and Female with Family. I find this kind of odd because my mom has always been my caretaker all these years. She provides me everything, from my education through daily expenses. On the other hand, my dad does not live with me and he does not really pay for anything at all. Furthermore, my mom actually works full-time and is actually the Vice President of a company. In fact, maybe my results should have been preference for association of Female with Career and Female with Family.
  4. 4. Second-hand knowledge could be a big factor that shows in my results. It is really easy to know about news around the world through it. One of the second-hand knowledge could be media (internet, newspapers, etc). I have seem that there most presidents (and also business CEOS) around the world are male. A president gives a really strong presence, this affect my thinking that males are more associated with work.