Egyptian civilization


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Egyptian civilization

  1. 1. Egyptian Civilization By- Girija Chowgule23/10/2012Introduction :-
  2. 2. Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest civilizationwhich was concentrated along the lower reaches ofthe river Nile. It was divided into two pain parts :- a)the old kingdomb) the new kingdomCHRONOLOGY OF EGYPT :- 1. Pre-history – before 3000 B.C. 2. Old- kingdom- 2800 B.C. 3. Late old kingdom- 2420 B.C. 4. Middle kingdom- 2065 B.C. 5. New kingdom- 1580- 1058 B.C. 6. Later period- 1085- 525 B.C.The Egyptian’s mainly wore clothing made fromplant fibers predominantly linen. Animal skin’smoreover leopard skin was worn by the priests andthe pharos as they were first servants of god.At times the clothing was decorative and adornedwith feathers which was worn by the king andqueen during auspicious occasions. At first the clothwas woven on horizontal looms and later during theNew kingdom the cloth was woven in verticallooms.
  3. 3. Leopard skin worn by priests as they have toperform rituals to their gods.
  4. 4. Content :-The dresses worn by ancient Egyptians not onlyconsisted of clothes but also included elaboratecostume jewelry along with striking cosmetics andwigs which were worn by them. The picture above depicts the flax growing process.Before 3000 B.C, 2800 B.C. and 2420 B.C.Pre history and Old/Late old kingdom:- AncientEgyptian wore light clothes made from linen. Linenthat was made from flax (a plant that was grownalong the river Nile.)Men :- The men wore wrap- around skirt along witha belt tied at the waist. At times the material wastied around the legs as well. The length of the skirtwas till the knee.Women :- Earlier Egyptian women wore full lengthdresses which were of thin material till the anklewith one or two shoulder straps.
  5. 5. Children :-Ancient Egyptian children did not wear clothes until they were about six years old when they would wear the same clothes as men and women.Footwear :-The Ancient Egyptians went barefoot mostof the time but wore sandals for special occasions or iftheir feet were likely to get hurt.The sandals worn bythe poor were made of woven papyrus or palm.
  6. 6. Jewelry :-The Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry to show their wealth and also because they believed it made them more attractive to the Gods. They wore rings, ear-rings, bracelets, decorated buttons, necklaces, neck collars and pendants. Only the very rich could afford jewelry made of gold and precious stones. Ordinary people made jewelry from colored pottery beads.Cosmetics :- Egyptian men and women wore makeup.Two colors black and green were popularly used. Inthe Old Kingdom it was applied liberally from theeyebrow to the base of the nose.They even used oilsand creams and strong perfumes. And wore wigs overtheir own cropped hair.
  7. 7. Middle Kingdom (2065 B.C.)Men :-In the middle kingdom men followedwearing the wrap- around skirt along with a belt.The only difference was that it was of calf length.Women :- Women continued to wear the dresses thatwere worn in the old kingdoms.Cosmetics :-Middle Kingdom green eye paint continuedto be used for the brows and corners of the eyes
  8. 8. New Kingdom (1580- 1058 B.C.) And Later period.(1085- 525 B.C.)Men :-During the New Kingdom period it wasfashionable to wear a pleated garments. Rich Egyptianmen were able to afford the best quality linen whichwas very fine and almost see-through. Rich Egyptianmen also wore as much jewelry as they could affordand decorated their clothes. They also woreheaddresses for special occasions.Women :-During the New Kingdom period it becamefashionable for dresses to be pleated or draped. Thedresses worn by rich Egyptian women were made fromfine transparent linen. Like the men, rich Egyptianwomen decorated their clothes and wore jewelry and
  9. 9. headdresses.Footwear :- The Egyptians belonging to rich familieswore footwear that was made of leather material.Cosmetics :-They used black kohl eyeliner to line theireyes and darken their eye lashes and eye brows. Theycolored their eye lids with blue or green eye shadowmade from powdered minerals. Henna dye was used tocolor their lips and nails.Jewelry :-In the New Kingdom They wore earrings thathad wide holes punched in the ear lobes. Plain,mushroom shaped ear plugs, usually made of stone,
  10. 10. glass or glazed composition, were also popular. Limbornaments consisted of armlets, bracelets and anklets.Conclusion :-The Egyptian civilization is the oldest civilizations thathad a variety of interesting era’s that took place. Theycame with various clothing, cosmetics, jewelry andfootwear. The Egyptian civilization came up with a lot ofinnovative ideas that helped other civilizations and theupcoming era’s in their clothing, styling, cosmetics andfootwear.Credits:- www.egyptian-civilization.html google images