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Mv chamber of commerce blogging 102


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Dive into some advanced blogging techniques that will drive more traffic to your site such as starting conversations on social media, continuing them in blog posts, and getting guests bloggers to write posts. Presented at the Social Media Conference Silicon Valley.

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Mv chamber of commerce blogging 102

  1. 1. Sources that are stickyPoornima
  2. 2. Sources of TrafficWhat problem does your business solve?Where are people looking for solutions?Who do they turn to for solutions?
  3. 3. What problem does your business solve?
  4. 4. Write Posts on the Problems Your Customers Have Center the topic of the post around customers problems BizeeBee helps membership based small businesses Posts address problems like: recurring revenue, increasing renewals THEN SHOWCASE HOWFIRST ADD VALUE YOUR PRODUCT HELPS
  5. 5. Continue to Showcase your services Relevancy is the key to engagement & traffic To stay relevant you need to keep content fresh Post on updates on services, progress, and promotions Appeal to the trends in market occurring seasonally or right now Fit yourself into conversation points
  6. 6. Where are people looking for solutions?
  7. 7. Search Online Search Keyword tools are your best friend: Google Keyword Tool, HitTail Social Media: Offline Search Word-of-Mouth: Organizations, Events, MeetUps Bring an offline conversation online
  8. 8. Who do they turn to for solutions?
  9. 9. Influencers Find the folks with domain expertise Where to find them: Reach out and start having conversations & build relationships Comment on their blogs, link to their articles Throw out some ideas for post topics Interviews, areas of expertise, hot or controversial topics
  10. 10. Leverage your content.
  11. 11. Blogging is a brand building strategy Reuse content Press or Media Kit Revisit and Revise content Don’t be afraid to re-post or do a follow up piece
  12. 12. Review Showcase solutions Find out where customers hang out online & offline Partner with influencers thru guest posts Revisit, revise & re-tweet!