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Git on Tracker & Ride the Rails


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Lighting talk given to Rails Girls in SF. Highlights using github + tracker when doing rails development.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Git on Tracker & Ride the Rails

  1. 1. Git on Tracker &Ride the Rails! Poornima Vijayashanker @poornima 6.30.2012
  2. 2. If you’re gonna startfemgineering...
  3. 3. you need the right tools! + +
  4. 4. femgineering alone isn’t fun...
  5. 5. GitHub
  6. 6. poornima hello.rb alex hello.rb What is it?def main def main Version Control system puts “hello world!” puts “goodbye!”end end un-federated Why do you need it? Multiple collaborators on a project Tracks changes, deployments GitHub Control checkins Why do you need it? hello.rb Keeps projects clean def main puts “hello world!” puts “goodbye!” end
  7. 7. Project Management Create stories Estimate stories Build Test
  8. 8. What is it? Project Management Tool List stories Estimate deliverability Tracks Progress
  9. 9. Re-order based onprioritiesMeasures VolatilityIntroduction to Tracker gettingstarted
  10. 10. Putting it altogether
  11. 11. Q&A