Femgineer Friends - Group Mentoring: Conveying Your Vision Clearly (Session #1 - Entrepreneurs)


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In this group mentoring session we cover the importance of conveying your vision for your company to people such as employees, customers, and investors.

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Femgineer Friends - Group Mentoring: Conveying Your Vision Clearly (Session #1 - Entrepreneurs)

  1. 1. Femgineer FriendsGroup MentoringSession #1 - Conveying Your Vision ClearlyJune 7, 20131
  2. 2. ‣ Provide ongoing mentorship‣ Meet bi-monthly to address topics that relate to professional development‣ Group of people with common career backgrounds‣ Invite-only‣ Similar next steps‣ Entrepreneurs and Founders looking to grow their startup‣ Benefits‣ Help & support from your peers‣ Share stories of successes and setbacks‣ Intimate networkingFemgineer Friends2
  3. 3. ‣ Mentor leads a session‣ Mentor may propose a topic or mentees may suggest one‣ e-mail questions to be addressed day before‣ During the session Mentor will provide suggestions, answer questions, andlead an open discussion‣ Decorum of participants‣ Fine to broadcast the topics on social media, but please be respectfulwhen it comes to identifying participants and their identity confidential‣ If you are going to actively participate we suggest you find a quiet andinterruption-free zone‣ Slides will be available online:‣ http://www.slideshare.net/poornimav‣ Recordings will sent out to attendeesHow It Works3
  4. 4. Conveying Your Vision ClearlyI. Why do I need to have a vision?II. How do I fine tune my vision to fit a specific audience?(employees, customers, investors)III. How do I reconcile a big vision with next steps?IV. What if my vision changes?4
  5. 5. Questions from the GroupQ. How I can communicate a vision versus what we can or want to build as anMVP?Q. How do you get your early adopters to commit to a paying pilot?5
  6. 6. Thank you for participating!Session #2 - Demands of Delegation9am PST June 21, 20136