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Praa Facade Company Profile


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Praa Facade provides independent façade consultancy for design, procurement and construction advice on all aspects of façade/external envelop of building.

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Praa Facade Company Profile

  2. 2. Praa Facade provides independent façade consultancy for design, procurement and construction advice on all aspects of façade/external envelop of building. The façade or exterior envelope of a building is the element that makes the internal space habitable, it acts as a filter allowing inABOUT US beneficial elements of the external climate in whilst providing a barrier to those less desirable elements. It is often considered to be the highest risk of any project. Praa Façade provides façade engineering and design analysis as well as operational and commercial support in the procurement, design, manufacture and installation of the façade and envelopes for new and existing (old and new) buildings. Praa Facade carries out the survey and evaluation of existing envelopes for due diligence, pre-purchase, condition and dilapidations and provides expert witness services in all forms of litigation. We provide feasibility and development for refurbishment of existing cladding and facades as well as recladding and over cladding of existing buildings. Praa Facade also provides diagnostics of general defects, water ingress and air leakage, glass failure, partial or total collapse of the envelope or parts falling from the building. Praa Facade is unique in providing specialized Façade Consultancy, Façade Design, Curtain Wall System Design to building owners, architects, main and specialist contractors in addition to system houses.
  3. 3. VISION To be the world’s leading facade consultant and to help our clients, enhance building technology and improve the environment and quality. Our values are quality in everything that we do, professional and ethical in all our actions, growth and development of all our staff and company.MISSIONThe mission of Praa Facade is to provide clients anywhere in the world with pragmatic, value-orientedsolutions utilizing specialized technical expertise in the construction of structural glazing and exteriorcladding systems. We are dedicated in developing the reputation with our clients of trust, dependabilityand excellence.Exceptional results depend on an outstanding team performance, clear communication, commitment,solutions, and personal accountability. Our staff believes passionately in these objectives.
  4. 4. WHAT WE OFFERFacade Consulting Services – New Buildings Facade Consulting Services – Existing Buildings• Concept Design • Defect Surveys• Structural Concept Studies • Investigation and Diagnostics• System and Material Studies • Cost studies of Repair and Replacement Options• Environmental and Acoustic Studies • Remedial Works Proposals• Facade Details (design intent drawings) • Expert Witness Services• Technical Performance Specifications Facade Design and Engineering Services• Technical Assessments of Contractors • Tender Bid Technical Input• Checking of Contractors Shop Drawings and Calculations • Value Engineering• Checking of Contractors Engineering Calculations • Facade Design (Shop Drawings)• Checking of Method Statements and Materials • Facade Structural Engineering Calculations Submissions• Review and Witnessing of Performance Testing• Factory Inspections• Site Inspections and On-Site Testing
  5. 5. WHYPRAA FACADE Cost Savings Praa Façade Optimizing the design for high performance whilst still maintaining the Architect’s conceptual intent.• Designing to achieve operational cost savings (Air-conditioning, cleaning and maintenance), and design for increased life span.• Minimizing Contractor Variations by providing the right technical information from the beginning. Reducing the volume of disputes, and technical and performance problems which would normally be incurred without having a specialist consultant. Time Savings It is important to the client to maintain the project program and minimize contractor delays. Praa Facade works with the Contractors and Architects to efficiently check shop drawings without delay and to help keep the project moving forward.• Help the Client and Architect save time by working closely in the early stages of design.• Provide tender documentation that is near shop drawing quality in order to explain the Architects design intent fully.• Work closely with structural and mechanical engineers to provide a complete and coordinated tender drawing set and specifications. Improved Quality Achieving a high quality façade requires great attention to detail. Praa Façade work as the Clients façade quality control experts to ensure they get what they paid for.• Checking the design, engineering, and testing of the works, to ensure that technical requirements are satisfied.• All materials are cross checked against the project specification to verify quality. Ensuring that the selected materials are suitable for building life.• Overseeing the Façade Contractor’s works in the factory and on-site, to ensure a high standard.
  6. 6. OUR SCOPESl.No Stage Scope 1 Pre-Tender Stage 1.1 Concept Design Review of architectural intent and discussion on project design, materials & budget with architect and client 1.2 Design Basis Report Establishments of performance parameters, system appointment and estimated project costs with material wastage reports. 1.3 Design Development Documentation Preparation of concept drawings, preliminary costs and BOQ. 2 Tender Stage 2.1 Tender Documentation Preparation of tender drawings, specifications, conditions of contract and BOQ with budgetary costing. 2.2 Tender Inviting tenders, review of contractors tender drawings and technical meetings with bidders and preparation of compliance report. 3 Post Tender Stage 3.1 Design Drawings and Materials Approval Review and approval of contractors drawings for systems approval, calc, documents and samples. 3.2 Mock Up Review and Approval Defining mock-up area, review of mock-up drawings, suggestions to improve system if any and approval 3.3 Fabrication & Installation Inspecting fabricators facility materials and workmanship to ensure to approved design of the project. Periodic site visits with site inspection reports with observations and suggestions. 3.4 Closeout. Inspection of all elements, preparation of snag lists, revisit to ensure remedial works and approval of as built drawings with final approval inspections.
  7. 7. KNOWLEDGEWe strongly believe knowledge harvesting and sharing will inspire our team and gentlybenefit our clients, and always will try to upgrade our selves to provide best services to our clients. CLIENTELE Our clientele have very different needs and our expertise in delivering projects to them come from our willingness to work closely, adapt our operations to their requirements and provides an all-encompassing, customized service.
  8. 8. Praa Facade Engineering # 1-10-104/42/7A, Mayuri Marg, Plot No 312,Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 016. Email: Website: M: +91 98854 19970.