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Pool Builders Houston


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From construction to repairing and cleaning to pool maintenance, we guarantee the positive change in your pool that will reflect in your swimming experience by providing you a relaxing, pleasurable and a healthy swimming experience. We aim to build a complete, long lasting relationship with you, which is why we will work with you until you are fully satisfied.

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Pool Builders Houston

  1. 1. IntroductionMaintaining a clean and refreshing pool can becostly and time consuming. Regular maintenanceis the key to ensuring optimum swimmingconditions round the year. Experienced poolowners understand how climatic conditions,water chemistry and pool structure can affecttheir swimming experiences, which is why theytravel great lengths in making sure that theirswimming pools are ever-ready for a relaxing andpleasurable dive any time of the day, or night.
  2. 2. Benefits of Fiber Glass Lined Swimming PoolsSwimming pools although have similarmotives- to have fun and relax, areconstructed using many types ofconstruction methods. These methods arechosen according to the need and budget ofthe person who wants to have thatswimming pool. There are three types ofconstruction methods used in swimmingpool construction Houston- vinyl linerpools, concrete pools and fiber glass pools.
  3. 3. In all of these the initial procedure ofconstruction of the swimming pool is similarbut the difference lies in the installationprocedure of the pool. In concreteswimming pools, the base of the pool is linedwith concrete and on top of which tiles areplaced. In vinyl liner pools the lining is doneby vinyl liner and being cheap in installationcharges, it is quite popular among swimmingpool owners and those who aspire to haveone.
  4. 4. In fiberglass pools the base lining of theswimming pool is done using the fiberglassresin. Fiberglass lined swimming pools lastfor longer than others due to the durabilityof the material. If the longevity of thefiberglass resin is considered then theoverall installation cost seems much lessthen the vinyl liner. If you are looking forpool builders Houston or pool cleaningservice Houston then visit
  5. 5. Contact us: Pool Cleanup LLC.Address: 14781 Memorial Dr #3 Houston, Tx 77079Phone: 713 408 0828E-mail: info@poolcleanup.comWebsite:
  6. 6. Contact us: Pool Cleanup LLC.Address: 14781 Memorial Dr #3 Houston, Tx 77079Phone: 713 408 0828E-mail: info@poolcleanup.comWebsite: