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Por vs. Para


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A listing of the reasons for using "por" and "para" in Spanish.

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Por vs. Para

  1. 1. Por vs. Para POR • Approximate time or duration (for, during, in, per) • Manner or means (by) • Movement (along, through, by, via, around) • Exchange (for, in exchange for) • Cause, motivation, or benefit (for, because of, on behalf of, for the sake of) • Agent or cause of an action (by) • Por ciento = percent, por hora = per hour • Por + infinitive = because of, for reason of PARA • A destination (for, to) • A purpose, goal, or objective (for, by) • A point of view (for) • A point of reference or comparison (for) • Para + infinitive = in order to (verb) 3/4/09 Unidad 4, SPIII