How to access vms


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VMS is a free smartphone app where you can create, record, send and share video Messages world wide with wi-fi connectivity.
Check out how to access VMS.

See what I'm saying!

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How to access vms

  1. 1. How to Access VMS
  2. 2. VMS- See what I’m saying!Video messaging service is the latest revolution inthe messaging world. It helps you connect withyour contacts via the visual medium of videosthrough mobile phone in a faster and cheaperway.It is easy to use as it is developed on the lines ofthe technology of SMS and MMS. It performs allthe basic functions as an SMS in addition tolending a new and enhanced medium for theadvertising market along with facilitating mobilevideo SMS Chat that the user can do with anyother user in the world.
  3. 3. How to Access VMS?Video messaging with VMS is almost as simple as text messaging. The user has to simplyrecord a video and send it as a video message.VMS supports up to 5 minutes of video content.Text can also be added to the message making video SMS chat with VMS more effective.VMS gets people closer as a visual form of communication is more effective and appealing.Moreover, subscribers can create and exchange video messages with people far away in anaffordable way.You can share your favorite moments by sending Video Message all around the world andask them See what I’m saying.
  4. 4. Accessing VMSVMS-app can be downloaded from the app store or theAndroid market. You can also simply make a call toyour phone carrier’s short number, which helps yougain access to VMS main menu.The main menu is like your SMS menu and comprisesof:• Inbox• Outbox• Sent• Channels• Following• Invites• Share• Settings• Profile
  5. 5. Accessing VMS1 2 3 A user records video using the A user can easily publish the Users can choose which VMS mobile app, phone or video via VMS and send it to any channel they would like to webcam. where around the world. follow.
  6. 6. Accessing VMS4 5 A user share their videos on A user can easily build their social media like facebook and profile. twitter.
  7. 7. Accessing VMSYou can simply create a video and send it as a video SMS and reply to avideo SMS in the same format along with text if required.You can share video content to any of your contacts who have subscribedto your VMS service. This implies that you can exchange video contentwith everyone that you have permission from for sharing of VMS content.This is for enhanced privacy settings helping you share VMS with thepeople that you know.So just don’t waste your time and See what I’m saying
  8. 8. Thanks