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Sanskrit Baby Boy Names With Meanings


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--> Welcome To Sanskrit Baby Boy Names. This Presentation Will Give The List Of Sanskrit Baby Boy Names With Meanings.

--> Here You Can Find Large Collection Of Sanskrit Baby Boy Names With Meanings. Brought to you by

--> It Also Contains Celebrity Kids Names, Celebrity Names, God-Goddess, Historical Names, Modern Names, Rare Names, Sanskrit Names.

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Sanskrit Baby Boy Names With Meanings

  1. 1. Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Welocome To ParentingNation
  2. 2. Index Name Meaning 1. Aaditya Sun 2. Aaryan; Aryan Illustrious; Noble; Spiritual 3. Adheesh King 4. Agasti; Agastya Name Of A Sage 5. Akshat Unharmed 6. Anish Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva 7. Arjun Son Of Lord Indra 8. Arun Sun; The Dawn 9. Bankim Not Straight 10. Bhaumik Lord Of The Earth
  3. 3. Index Name Meaning 11. Chetan Perceptive; Consciousness 12. Chitraksh Beautiful Eyed 13. Daksha The Skilled One 14. Devak Divine 15. Deven Like A God 16. Dhyanesh Meditative 17. Gautam The Name Of The Buddha 18. Girish Lord Of Mountains; Shiv 19. Harit Green 20. Hiranmay Made Of Gold
  4. 4. Index Name Meaning 21. Jagdish God; Lord Of The Universe 22. Jai Conqueror; Defeater 23. Karan A Warrior 24. Karthik; Kartik Bestowing Courage 25. Krishna Lord Krishna; Dark; Black 26. Mayoor Peacock 27. Mukul Bud; Soul; Blossom 28. Nanda Joy 29. Nimit Destiny 30. Param Being Supreme
  5. 5. Index Name Meaning 31. Pranay Love 32. Puneet Pure 33. Rahul Efficient; Capable 34. Rajan King 35. Rohan Ascending; Sandal Wood 36. Rudra The Terrible; Lord Shiva 37. Sameer; Samir Early Morning Fragrance 38. Sarvin Best Archer; God Of Love 39. Subodh Sound Advice 40. Swapnil Dreamy
  6. 6. Index Name Meaning 41. Tarun Young; Tender 42. Tej Light; Lustrous; Radiant 43. Tushar Snow; Winter 44. Umang Happiness; Enthusiastic 45. Vasudev Father Of Krishna 46. Vijay Victory; Strong And Victorious 47. Vinay Polite 48. Vyas The Arranger 49. Yogendra God Of Yoga 50. Yogesh Lord Of Yoga
  7. 7. For More Names With Meaning, Visit The Website - Thank You