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Pursuing Innovation through Open API


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Presentation given at API Strategy and Practice Conference in Amsterdam 2014. Focuses on the challenges and opportunities within an Enterprise to pursue innovation through OPEN API. This particular case study centers around Unibet - a leading online gambling company in Europe.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Pursuing Innovation through Open API

  1. 1. @PoojaCapellos Pursuing Innovation through OPEN API Pooja Capellos
  2. 2. SPORTSBOO K CASINO POKER Unibet Product Offering
  3. 3. Unibet Customer Base Over 8.6M customers Licensed in 7 jurisdictions Site offered in 20 languages
  4. 4. Unibet Ecosystem Casino Games Suppliers B2B/SPORTSBOOK
  5. 5. Drivers for Open API Our First Content APIs Key Insights Growth Opportunities
  6. 6. Why OPEN API?
  7. 7. Drivers for OPEN API Provide Innovative Experiences Cater for Niche Markets Expand our digital offering Engage in new channels Tailor Personalised Experiences CUSTOMERS
  8. 8. Our First Content APIs • Simplified our development • Increased our control • Created more demand • Enabled our partners to innovate
  9. 9. Applications of Unibet Content APIs
  10. 10. Key Insights API initiatives must be aligned to strategic business vision
  11. 11. OPEN API is not always understood
  12. 12. Key Insights Provide education across the business
  13. 13. Concern and Fear of exposing APIs
  14. 14. Key Insights Involve Security and Legal as early as possible
  15. 15. Security and Legal • Communication is key • Understand context of data • Provide examples of visibility • Establish governance process
  16. 16. Key Insights Agree on versioning strategies and SLAs across internal teams & with your suppliers
  17. 17. Key Insights Invest time and resources in your developer portal
  19. 19. Growth Opportunities
  20. 20. Augmented Reality & Second Screen
  21. 21. Final Thoughts • Build strong technical foundations • Communicate across all aspects of your business • Know that do you not know…so be Agile! • Explore the opportunities
  22. 22. “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” — Napoleon Hill
  23. 23. @PoojaCapellos Pursuing Innovation through OPEN API Pooja Capellos