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Appraisal process


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Appraisal process

  1. 1. Submitted by – Team 1 AlphaAnkit Sharma (P122006)Jitendra Lakhwani (P122014)Kapardhi V. S. (P122017)Pooja Gupta (P122033)Rohit Singh (P122038)Sampath Kumar K. (P122039)Vidit Jain (P122051)
  2. 2. Overview• Types of Appraisal Systems• MBO Process – Goals & Objectives – Self Appraisal – Supervisor Assessment – Who all are involved in this process?• Advantages and Disadvantages of MBO process• Companies Following MBO Appraisal Process
  3. 3. Types of Appraisal Systems• Rank based method• Paired Comparison• Forced Distribution• Graphic rating Scales• Production Standards• Essay Appraisal• Critical Incident method• Checklist method• Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)• 360-Degree Feedback• Management By Objectives (MBO)• Value score card
  4. 4. MBO Process Goals & Objective Setting When…. New Hires Within 30 days of joining Others Immediately after Annual appraisal What… Set your Goals & measurement criteria for the coming year Annual Appraisal Confirmation AppraisalWhen…. All (if eligible) March When…. New Hires Within I year of Joining Assessment of performance of the past Review of performance on completion ofWhat… year. Ratings are used for all What… 1 year. Promotion/Hike initiatives Interim Appraisal When…. All (if eligible) October Mid year review to re-look at the G&O set & assess What… performance and provide feedback Purpose of frequent assessment is to build a strong foundation for your career in Wipro
  5. 5. Goals and Objectives1. Organizational Goals & Objectives are fixed2. These Goals & Objectives get trickled down to all employees3. Manager provides a framework of the G&O4. Team member drafts the G&O5. Manager & team members discuss & moderate the G&O and finalize6. Team member updates this in the system7. Manager approves the G&O for the year
  6. 6. Self Appraisal XYZ CompanyEmployee NameEmployee IdAppraiser Name(s)Appraisal Period Critical Attributes Outstanding Inadequate Adequate V. Good Good1 Innovativeness Ability to think new and better ways of doing things that results in introduction of new ideas or improvements in functioning of the systems.2 Initiative Ability to determine and initiate actions that result in improve handling of jobs, without waiting to be told.3 Interpersonal & Team Ability to interact effectively with people at all Relationship levels to gain their confidence and respect and work in a collaborative and participative manner.4 Resourcefulness Ability to muster resources to achieve desired results and device ways and means of solving problems in difficult situations.5 Communication Skills Ability to convey thoughts and feelings clearly both through oral as well as written expressions for better understanding.
  7. 7. Supervisor Assessment XYZ CompanyEmployee NameEmployee IdAppraiser Name(s)Team Lead/ImmediatemanagerAppraisal Period Agreed Objectives Results Achieved Outstanding Inadequate Adequate V. Good Good12345
  8. 8. Who all are involved in this process?Activity (in sequence) Who is ResponsibleGoals & Objective setting You & your SupervisorSelf Appraisal YouSupervisor Assessment Your Supervisor (s)TM Review Your Supervisor’s SupervisorHR Review Your HR ManagerAppraisal Discussion You & your supervisor
  9. 9. Advantages and Disadvantages of MBO process Advantages Disadvantages• Continually emphasizes on • The development of objectives what should be done in an can be time consuming, organization to achieve leaving both managers and organizational goals. employees less time to do their actual work• Secures employee • The elaborate written goals, commitment to attain careful communication of organizational goals. goals, and detailed performance evaluation required in an MBO program increases the volume of paperwork in an organization.
  10. 10. Companies Following MBO Appraisal Process• Virtusa• LnT