David and jane bennett


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This is my inquiry on immigration.

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David and jane bennett

  1. 1. David and Jane Bennett By Bella Jane and David are an English couple in their late twenty’s...
  2. 2. Why they chose NZ David and Jane visited New Zealand for holidays quite often and they were both very keen on sport They had lived in England all their... Canada was too cold for them and they didn’t...
  3. 3. Here are some sports they play: Tennis They are thinking of buying a small yacht They do hill walking and bush walking David plays football
  4. 4. The differences for them New Zealand is much warmer and you... In New Zealand there is a lot less litter... There is not as much crime in New Zealand. London has a far better... All their family...
  5. 5. Some nice differences for Them Most houses have half decent gardens! There is more parks open spaces, and we think the streets are a more safe place for children to grow up in. We love the beaches, that are always very close and welcoming, everyone is welcoming too! Nice and friendly to talk to, and very open to your opinion.
  6. 6. Was there any regrets about leaving London? Jane misses all the shops And David misses the big foot ball craze in London. But neither of them would go back.
  7. 7. Where I got my info http://www.emigratenz.org
  8. 8. Thanks for watching!