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Dangers of cancer


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Dangers of cancer

  1. 1. Dangers of Cancer Donna D Lindsey February 28, 2013 WED 110 Miss B
  2. 2. Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolledgrowth and spread of abnormal cells
  3. 3. How is cancer formed and spread? Cancer starts with the abnormal growth of one cell, which then can multiply into billions of cancerous cells. Metastasis Cancer is cancers cells that have spread from one part of the body to another. Cancer cells attack a persons healthy cells and destroys them and cancer cells rapidly multiply Cancer spreads in many different ways through the body, but mainly through the bloodstream and lymphatic system.Reference: textbook page 389 Photo credit: dreamstime
  4. 4. ORAL CANCER Can this happen to me? Photo Credit: velscope oral cancer
  5. 5. YES MOST PEOPLE NEVER THINK ABOUT ORAL CANCER UNTIL IT BECOMES A PROBLEM! Oral cancer effects :  Mouth  Lips  Tongue  Salivary glands  Pharynx  Larynx  Floor of mouthReference: textbook page 389 Photo Credit: velscope oral cancer
  6. 6. WHAT CAUSES ORAL CANCER?  Heavy use of tobacco (cigarettes, cigar, pipe, smokeless/chewing tobacco)  Excessive alcohol consumption (beer, liquor, wine)  Human Papillomavirus (HPV)  Sun ExposureReference: textbook page 389
  7. 7. SIGNALS OF ORAL CANCER Sores that don’t heal or Lumps White patches in the mouth Problems with chewing and swallowing or a constant feeling of having “something” in the throatReference: textbook page 389 Photo credits: healthtopicsblogs
  8. 8. ORAL CANCER PREVENTION Heavy Tobacco use The length of time and the amount of Excessive alcohol tobacco and alcohol consumption you consume increases your risk for ORAL CANCER.Reference: auburnfamilydental Photo credit: healthmeup
  9. 9. ORAL CANCER PREVENTION Regular examinations and good dental hygiene help in the prevention of ORAL CANCERReference: auburnfamilydental
  10. 10. NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT ORAL CANCER Don’t wait till April for Oral Cancer Awareness Month Take action now  Visit your dentist or primary care doctor regularly  Do not smoke or drink alcohol  Protect your lips wear SPF lip balm  Practice safe sex  Visit for more information on oral cancer and other cancers that can effect you or someone you love.