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Dog grooming in Boca Raton at Poochie Couture


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Dog grooming in Boca Raton at Poochie Couture is the premier dog grooming center you have been looking for. Get expert care by trusted and experienced professionals.

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Dog grooming in Boca Raton at Poochie Couture

  1. 1. Dog Grooming in Boca Raton Poochie Couture offers professional dog grooming services to our clients in Boca Raton. Get your pet groomed today with us! Poochie Couture 561-419-8842
  2. 2. A Different Approach To Dog Grooming At Poochie Couture, we provide hands-on care and a variety of dog grooming services. Whether you choose a simple bathing or a complete grooming, you can rest assured knowing that your dog will be treated with the utmost care. Here at Poochie Couture, we hire professional groomers who bathe and trim your dog with care. Our dog groomers are skilled at creating gorgeous, intricate styles as well as more carefree looks. Our dog groomers also take their time with each dog and do not like leaving dogs in confined areas to wait for their appointment. Our dog grooming consists of slow, gentle dematting and personalized attention. Our professional south florida groomers use the shampoo John Paul Pet from the makers of Paul Mitchell and is tested on humans first. All dog grooming includes ear cleaning, nail clipping and anal gland expression.
  3. 3. You Won’t Want To Miss ThisBring your dog into our salon for a free consultation! Our trained groomers will personally meet with you to discuss your dog’s specific needs. They’ll also recommend just the right dog grooming services to add to your visit. Don’t just go to a generic pet store, call and book an appointment today with Boca Raton’s finest pet salon!
  4. 4. Meet Our Dog Groomer Claudia Maier is a professional Dog Groomer with over 20 years experience in the business. She is a certified licensed Dog Groomer from the Rochester Institute of Dog Grooming in Henrietta NY. She owned and operated her own business, “Clawdia’s Dog Grooming” for the past six years before moving to the Boca Raton area. Prior to owning her own business she worked in the well known shop “The Shaggy Dog” located in Rochester, NY for over 17 years. Claudia has a true love for all Animals; has a special way with scared and aggressive breeds and believes a dog should always feel safe in a groomers arms.
  5. 5. Dog Grooming In Boca Raton Poochie Couture 561-419-8842 883 East Palmetto Road Boca Raton, Fl 33432