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spm file

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Spm file33

  1. 1. SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT LAB FILESubmitted To: SubmittedBy:Department of IT,N.I.E.C.POONAM SINGH Page 1
  2. 2. INDEXS.NO ACTIVITY DATE SIGN COMMENT 1. Make an analysis of different s/w design tools available in the market. 2. Write the SRS of your mini project 3. Estimate the effort and cost required to build the above software. Use any estimation technique 4. Draw ER diagrams ,DFDs till level-2 5. Design a data dictionaryPOONAM SINGH Page 2
  3. 3. 6. Compare the project life cycle of the following: a) An engineering product, say a nuclear power station project. b) An housing 7. project. 8. c) A computer installation project. 9. Prepare a project life cycle chart.POONAM SINGH Page 3
  4. 4. ANALYSIS OF DIFFERENT S/W DESIGN TOOLS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET1: TOADToad is a software application from Quest Software used for developmentand administration of various relational databases using SQL.Toad supports the following relational databases: Oracle Database,Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, and MySQL. In 2009, QuestSoftware announced the availability of Toad for Cloud Databases withsupport for the following non-relational databases: Hadoop, mongoDB,SimpleDB, Azure Services Platform, and Apache Cassandra. Toad runs on all32-bitWindows platforms, including Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, andVista. For backend connectivity Toad needs Oracle 32-bit SQL*Net andOracle version 7.3.4 or later.Toad can view the Oracle data dictionary - tables, indexes, storedprocedures - and do various other tasks through multi-tabbed browsers.Toad does not support any non-Microsoft environment. Quest used tomaintain an open sourceplatform independent tool offering some of Toadsbasic functionality, called TORA. Starting from 2005-02-17 TORA is fullymaintained by the community.Quest makes Toad available in both commercial and trial/freewareversions. Freeware is available from the communityPOONAM SINGH Page 4
  5. 5. History:Toad was originally designed by a practicing Oracle developer, Jim McDaniel(aka "TOAD man"), in order to make his own life easier. He called it Tool forOracle Application Developers, TOAD for short. The tool was madeavailable to others first as shareware and later as freeware, and McDanieldistributed it freely over the Internet.2: Smart sheetSmart sheet is an online project management and crowd sourcing tool. Itallows owners of information to comprehensively involve contributorsthrough authenticated access, publicly-accessible published sheets, or viaembeddable survey forms. Functionality is focused on the ability toorganize, share, and update tasks and files. A new iPad version was releasedMarch 2011. A core feature was added in February 2009 that enablesproject managers to leverage the research of anonymous workers throughthe integration of Amazon Mechanical Turk. The application is free to try,but follows a tiered subscription model.3: FogBugzFogBugz is an integrated web-based project management system featuringbug/issue tracking, discussion forums, wikis, customer relationshipmanagement, and Evidence Based Scheduling developed by Fog CreekSoftware.POONAM SINGH Page 5
  6. 6. The feature tracker allows users to manage, filter, sort and navigate a tree-structure of tasks that contain information, tags and attached files relatedto a particular issue. Discussion forums and wikis may be created aroundany topic and posts/pages may be added into the same. Users mayintegrate their email accounts into the system to send/receive email andcreate issues regarding the same.Prediction of future tasks and completion estimation of future milestonesare based upon past records of user performance. Users must manuallyinput an estimated duration for every task, and state the task they arecurrently working on which builds a daily work log (timesheet) that may bereviewed later.FEATURES:  Project management* Manage multiple projects, with areas within each and milestones withineach* Tree-structure outline of tasks, issues, bugs, features or customerinquiries* Full history maintained per task, including edits, user assignments andupdates* Integrated file upload system to attach any file to tasks, optionalscreenshot tool* Local search to filter list of tasks based upon keywords in title,description, etcPOONAM SINGH Page 6
  7. 7.  Time management* Manually entered estimates per task, along with manually set start/endtimes* Timesheet and user history based upon work done on tasks, per day* Scheduling with milestones, to predict completion of tasks assigned* Evidence-Based scheduling to accurately predict completion dates andmilestone probability* Visually represented timelines per user, displaying milestone atpast/present/future dates* All predictions are displayed in ranges, depending on the accuracy of theusers estimates  Overall management* Display line, bar, column or pie charts for any filtered view of the tasktree-structure* View charts based upon present data, or past historical records of tasks* Tabular reports of tasks, users, projects and their parameters or records* Drill down to view hierarchical information within a section of a chartPOONAM SINGH Page 7
  8. 8. SRS OF MINI PROJECTPURPOSE:The purpose of on-line test simulator is to take online test in an efficientmanner and no time wasting for checking the paper. The main objective ofon-line test simulator is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughlythrough a fully automated system that not only saves lot of time but alsogives fast results.For students they give papers according to their convenience and time andthere is no need of using extra thing like paper, pen etc.SCOPE:Scope of this project is very broad in terms of other manually taking exams.Few of them are:- This can be used in educational institutions as well as in corporate world. Can be used anywhere any time as it is a web based application(user Location doesnt matter). No restriction that examiner has to be present when the candidate takes the test.FEATURES: Secure Easy to use Reliable and accurate No need of examinerOVERVIEW:The online test created for taking online test has following stages LoginPOONAM SINGH Page 8
  9. 9. Test Result Login:- There is a quality login window because this is more secure than otherlogin forms as in a normal login window there are multiple logins availableso that more than one person can access to test with there individual login.But in this project there is only one login id i.e. administrator id andpassword by which a person enter the site. Hence it is more secure andreliable than previously used on-line test simulators.TEST: Test page is the most creative and important page in this project. Itconsists of 2 modules namely: Subject selection Utilities Subject selection:- From the given choices the candidate can select his field (like C, C++ and JAVA etc) for taking on with the test. Utilities:- It includes:- Skip and come back to the question afterwards if needed. Gives the list of attempted and unattempted questions and can go to any question directly and can either attempt or change the answer of the already attempted question.POONAM SINGH Page 9
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGIES USED:Front end as: HTMLB a c k e nd a s : Advance JavaServer: Apache tomcat 6.0Database: Microsoft accessQuerying language: SqlPOONAM SINGH Page 10