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Kangxi scroll discovery story and lesson plan


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Power point showing my "Re" discovery of Kangxi Southern Inspection tour scroll online, visiting Phoenix to get a digital copy, then presenting it to Sister school in Changzhou, China. Made the news in China! I was very excited when they brought us out the the site depicted in Wang Hui's image.

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Kangxi scroll discovery story and lesson plan

  1. 1. Oak Hall / Changzhou #2 Senior Middle SchoolSister School Project
  2. 2. Changzhou on the Grand Canal
  3. 3. When I noticed this entry indicating a Changzhou scroll, I was compelledto investigate. After a series of letters, I was invited to Phoenix to viewthe scroll in person!
  4. 4. Janet BakerCollection of Roy and Marilyn PappClaudia Brown Roy Papp Marilyn Papp
  5. 5. Welcome to Changzhou! Wang Hui 1689 A.D.Scroll 6 depicts Kangxi’s journey along the Grand Canal to Changzhou.Wang Hui grew up in the relatively poor village of Yushan, near Changshu, JiangsuProvince… his home village being only 15 miles away from Changzhou!This explains why he dedicated so much space and detail to this relatively small area.
  6. 6. Changzhou Today