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  1. 1. AutomatedAutomatedAutomatedAutomated PayDaysPayDaysPayDaysPayDays ReviewReviewReviewReviewHey guys Jamie Shaw’s Automated Paydays has gone live, to grab a copy ofthis training program click the link below.Automated Paydays Official Website <——Click Here Now!Just letting you guys know that I have purchased a copy of this program andI’m going to publish my in-depth review as soon as I’m done watching all thevideo training. For more information about this product you can visit theofficial website by click the link above. I strongly recommend that yousubscribe to my mailing list so that you can be notified right away when myreview is published.That’s it for now,ES
  2. 2. IfIfIfIf YouYouYouYou’’’’rererere TryingTryingTryingTrying ToToToTo FindFindFindFind HigherHigherHigherHigher RankingsRankingsRankingsRankings ForForForFor YourYourYourYourVideosVideosVideosVideos YouYouYouYou MayMayMayMay WantWantWantWant ToToToTo LookLookLookLook IntoIntoIntoInto TheTheTheThe YouTubeYouTubeYouTubeYouTubePowerPowerPowerPower SlamSlamSlamSlamVideo marketing and advertising has becomequite popular these days, and one of the mainreasons is because it can help individuals createtraffic. Of course due to this there’ve been plentyof programs created nowadays that claim to beable to help men and women get this video traffic.You are going to see that many of these programs really do not do much,and they just rehash all the same information that you can find in virtuallyany other program. The YouTube Power Slam program is what we will belooking at here, and they claim to have all of the answers that you have beenlooking for for your video marketing and advertising.Something which this program will teach you that other programs do not iswhether or not you’ll have the ability to outrank a currently ranked video.You’re also going to learn exactly what you need to do so you are doingeverything properly the first time, which helps you from having to investmore time redoing your videos. When everything is spelled out to you,you’re going to find that it isn’t difficult at all to get first page ranking on thevarious search engines for your videos. Read More…YouYouYouYou WouldWouldWouldWould LikeLikeLikeLike ToToToTo AchieveAchieveAchieveAchieve SuccessSuccessSuccessSuccess Online,Online,Online,Online, EnsureEnsureEnsureEnsureYouYouYouYou StartStartStartStart YourYourYourYour OwnOwnOwnOwn E-mailE-mailE-mailE-mail ListListListList
  3. 3. The failure rate for people that start a web basedbusiness is unbelievable, actually only about 5%of these individuals actually achieve success.Setting up a web site or a blog is that easy part,the thing that men and women fail at is havingthe ability of creating targeted traffic to thevarious products they are marketing.One technique which has proved successful for quite some time is the use ofproducing an e-mail marketing list that you can e-mail your offers to. Forindividuals who do not know anything at all about e-mail marketing you aregoing to be happy to know we are going to go over a few things that youshould know.Choosing a specific niche and making certain you’re targeting people thatare interested in that niche will be the first things you need to determinebefore you begin your list building. For example, if you’re planning onpromoting weight loss products to folks you are going to want to ensure thatthe folks on your list are interested in losing a few pounds. At this time youhave to find individuals who are interested in weight loss and discover agood strategy in order to get them on your e-mail marketing list. You wantto make certain that these individuals are extremely targeted to the weightloss niche simply because the more interested they are in this topic thebetter the chance you have of making cash from them.Article marketing and advertising can be one of the best ways for individualsto get extremely targeted subscribers to any list in virtually any niche theretrying to construct a list for. By placing a link at the end of an extremelyinformative article about what ever topic you are advertising and marketing,you are going to have the ability to drive men and women to an opt in page
  4. 4. which will allow them to enter their e-mail address which in turn adds themto your list. Some folks will use a bribe to get folks to enter their e-mail listfor example a free E book or report, while other folks will simply tell thesepotential list subscribers that they are providing a free newsletter they’reable to subscribe to about a certain subject.At this time we would like to have a look at the different kinds of emails youought to be sending your subscribers each week and the way to do thisproperly. Although commissions are incredibly important to any web basedbusiness, you need to not promote products every time you send an e-mailto your list. A sensible practice for sending out these emails is to send 2 eachweek, even though both should contain valuable information for yoursubscribers only 1 ought to promote a product that will permit you to earncommissions. You’re going to see that your list is going to wind up buildingtrust with you, particularly when you do not bombard them with variousadvertisements for products every week.Never stop building your list, even when you have 10,000 people on your listthis is something that you ought to continue to grow every day. One reasonyou need to keep building your list is simply because some of yoursubscribers will end up un-subscribing almost on a regular basis. Building alist will take time and determination, but it will be one of the greatest waysto achieve success online.