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  1. 1. 1 CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) Personal Digest Proposed Position Project lead Manager – Mechanical Name of The Firm TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd. Name Ponraj Ramasamy Date of Birth 17-02-1978 Nationality Indian Education B.E ,Mechanical Engineer & MBA –Project Management Other Training National council trained Basic first aider (Govt. of Qatar- Doha). National safety council trained construction Engineer in India. QA / QC Compliance engineer for Construction Project. ISHRE Member in HVAC System Countries Of Work Experience 15 Years ( 14 Years in India &1 Year in Qatar ) Languages & Degree Of Proficiency Language Reading Speaking Writing English Excellent Excellent Excellent Hindi Good Good Fair Tamil Excellent Excellent Excellent Professional Digest TATA Consulting Engineers Limited Lead Project Manager / Mechanical Since Aug’07 1 Name of the Project Manufacturing facility- Bidadi . Client BOSCHIndia Ltd. Project Duration April’14 to Till Date / Bangalore Major Features of the project DS Hanger industrial production plant. Position Held Lead Project Manager / Mechanical. 1. Project Plan, Co-ordinate with architects/consultants to finalize layouts& PHE Works, statutory drawings. 2. Project Execution & Monitoring, Forecast the amount of work & plan the cash flows, Budgets, Tendering, Contracting & Safety. 3. Execution of HVAC, BMS, Plumbing and Fire Fighting. 4. All mechanical construction and Integrated Building Management Services. 5. Recommend value engineering solutions when applicable and ensure the most efficient design is adopted. 6. Review and recommend the best suited PHE systems like STP, WTP, plumbing and sanitary systems in accordance with energy reuse and efficiency. 7. Proficient of the fire protection system and capable of ensuring the local fire standards are adhered and ensure the system is hassle free and operation friendly. 8. Interact with other functions and capable of articulating issues technically. 9. Schedule, Control, Monitor, guide/direct & coordinate the entire Project management in co-ordination with Process & Detail Engg, Procurement, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Mgt, Erection & Commissioning, Performance Testing till commercial closure. 2 Name of the Project Indian Rotor Craft ltd Structure and Service. Client Indian Rotor Craft ltd. Project Duration / Location From October 2013 / Hyderabad Major Features of the project 1st Helicopter Plant in India. Position Held Project Sr. Manager / Mechanical. 1. Project Monitoring & Inspection. 2. Review and ensure availability of correct and comprehensive drawings & specification. 3. Monitor the delivery and work quality of Engine assembly &PEB/painting booth- EPCs. 4. Review weekly & monthly reports of Helicopter Assembly package assigned & escalate issues and drive corrective actions. 5. Preparation of schedule of domain engineering work packages. 6. Evaluate BOQ / tender drawings submitted by Contractors.
  2. 2. 2 7. Installation & inspection of HVAC- Chillers,Sec brine pumps chilled water Pumps, Cooling towers,TES tanks,AHUs rectangular Ducting with insulation and Allied Copper & MS Piping. 8. Implementation of construction Safety practices at site. 9. Responsible for approval methodologies and risk assessment for various activities 3 Name of the Project 2x600 MW Energen Thermal Power Plant Client Coastal Energen Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Project Duration / Location June 2011 – Sep 2013 / Tuticorin Major Features of the project Sub Critical Boiler Position Held Manager for Mechanical Packages 1. Responsible for execution & Construction ,Supervision for the TG Island project, overall 6 Mechanical Packages execution, QA/QC 2. Co-ordination with Design Engineers, Contractors & Clients, developing & maintaining appropriate reporting system 3. Planning & management of resources, quantity BOQ, procurement & monitoring 4. Preparing reports for progress review meetings, resource assessment to meet construction schedule. 5. The 6 Mechanical Packages are a. 25000 MT of steel structure in TG hall. b. HVAC System.(4X240 TR Water cooled Chiller, Piping & AHUs) c. (2x 140) + (4X25) MT- UOT Crane Erection &Testing. d. Compressor Erection and Performance Testing e. Turbo Vent System. f. Utility Piping .(water ,FO-Oil,steam,Air,cooling water line ) 4 Name of the Project MRF-TRUCK RADIAL Plant .Tamilnadu Client MRF- Industrial Project Project Duration / Location June 2010 - May 2011 / Perambalaur, Trichy. Major Features of the project Radial Tyre Production-12000 /month Position Held Asst. Manager/Mechanical 1. Monitoring of structure Erection &safety of All Mechanical Work. 2. Planning & Monitoring of PE Building, Mixing Plant structural fabrication, Inspection & Certification of Contractor’s bills. 3. Execution and Inspection of Utilities, HVAC-Chillers & interconnecting Piping, Pumps, AHU blowers, cooling Tower, round duct & insulation , IBR piping & 23000MT Structural work with Equipments installation & NDE examination. 4. Co-ordination with client, design dept & Handing over of systems to Client with QA/QC formats. 5. Conducting Progress review meetings, resource plan to meet construction schedule, etc 4 Name of the Project Mahindra Automobile Limited, Chaken. Client Mahindra India Ltd. Project Duration / Location March 2009 - May 2010 / Pune. Major Features of the project 52 Truck Engine testing / day, Production of Maximo Truck - 120/day & Heavy Truck -3/day. Position Held Sr. Mechanical Engineer. 1. Construction supervision and inspection of Sprinkler, Fire fighting System, Compressor system with Cooling Towers, HVAC-AHUs and water cooled chillers, Piping, Pumps and cooling Towers, Pump House Piping & Pump erection with 12000MT of structure fabrication, Erection & all mechanical work. 5 Name of the Project Cabot 4.5 mw Power Plant. Client Cabot India Ltd. Project Duration / Location Aug 2007 – March 2009 / Mumbai Major Features of the project CogenPlant with Waste Tail Gas Position Held
  3. 3. 3 1. Erection of Turbine & Control Room Panel. 2. Execution of Boiler, Bunker, cooling Towers, ESP & DM Plant. 3. Steel stack chimney fabrication, erection & inner line high temperature insulation up to 86 meter height. 4. Painting Supervision of Boiler allied piping & structure 5. Taking Weekly and Monthly progress review meeting 6. in order to maintain the progress as per schedule 7. Interfacing with clients for acquiring approvals, billings etc 8. Coordinating for various materials required 9. Processing and certifying of bills. 6 Name of the Project 2 x 60 mw Power plant. Client Dodsal Qatar Pty Ltd - Japan gas corporation ltd. Project Duration / Location April 2006 – May 2007 / Qatar Major Features of the project Power Supply to Gas Plant. Position Held Site In charge. 1. Execution of TG Hall & Control Room. 2. Execution of Structure, Boiler, Cooling Towers, Gas - Turbine. 3. Execution of project as per drawing provided & within the scheduled time. 4. Taking Daily and Monthly progress review meeting in order to maintain the progress as per schedule. 5. Interfacing with clients & consultants for acquiring approvals, QA/QC, billings etc. 6. Coordinating for various materials required for Erection Plan. 7 Name of the Project 2 x60 Mw Power Plant. Client Contractor: PUNJLLOYD LTD, Nehru Place ,NEW DELHI-11 Project Duration / Location June 2005 – March 2006 / Panipat- Haryana. Major Features of the project Cogen power plant Position Held Project Piping engineer 1. Execution of 2x60mw Boiler includes TG Building, Cooling Tower (IDCT) and DM plant. 2. Coordinated with sub Contractors, 3. Monitored the construction progress , 4. Prepared various protocols & maintained various records. 5. Handled the documentation of various drawings and sketches; coordinated with Clients for necessary modifications. 6. Reconciled various consumables and Non-Consumables. 8 Name of the Project IOCL Mathura Project Client Contractor: SPIC JEL Engineering Construction Ltd. Chennai. Project Duration / Location March 2004 – June 2005 / Mathura. Major Features of the project 2x120 mw Power Plant. Position Held Senior Erection Engineer. 1. Planning & monitoring boiler & Structure erection. 2. Certification of Contractor’s bills. 3. Execution of IBR piping with NDE examination. 4. Co-ordination with IBR inspector. 5. Co-ordination with the client & Consultant. 9 Name of the Project IOCL – Naphtha Cracker Panipat Refinery. Client Contractor: VTV Ltd. Project Duration / Location August 2001 - Mar 2004 / Panipat Haryana. Major Features of the project Heavy engineering section Position Held Erection Engineer
  4. 4. 4 1. Erection of Vessels, Tanks, & Reactor. 2. Equipments, Heater, Coils, Piping at Panipat Refinery. 3. Monitoring the target, Deployment of manpower at site . 4. Overall control of Equipment fabrication & reports preparation & monitoring construction progresses. 5. Co-ordination with Client for design deviations and technical issues. 10 Name of the Project Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd Client Contractor: Steel tech i Pvt ltd sub contract of Bridge and Roof India Ltd. Project Duration / Location August 2000 – June 2001 / Manali ,Chennai Major Features of the project Euro –II Expansion Position Held Trainee Engineer 1. Oil refinery Supervision of Mechanical Piping to terminal Connections. 2. Erection & Testing of compressor & utility service. 3. HVAC & Heat Exchanger Erection & testing. 4. Erection & Alignment of EOT Crane & Beams. 5. Preparation of MOM & Client co ordination. 6. Execution of IBR / critical piping connection to Boiler . 7. Safety co ordination. 8. Supervision of turbine blue chipping, packing plate fixing, master level checking. 9. Day to day job allocation to contractor jobs. I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this bio data correctly describes me, my qualifications, and my experience. I understand that any wilful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification of dismissal, if engaged. SIGNATURE : NAME:- PONRAJRAMASAMY DATE :07-08-2015 PLACE :Bangalore. Mobile:09632630983.