Hospitality food and beverage assignment


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Hospitality food and beverage assignment

  1. 1. Hospitality Food & Beverage AssignmentSubmitted by,Ponmathi.MBatch M2Fiat trivandrumSubmitted to,Mr.Bob Anand RexHospitality faculty
  2. 2. AcknowledgmentI thank my parents and friends who supported me to dothis assignment and our Hospitality faculty Mr.Bob forhis strong support and friendly guidance.And I herebythank God for giving me this opportunity
  3. 3. Restaurant vs Bar Open for breakfast,lunch anddinner. Primary revenues are foodrelated. Served directly from kitchenby staff. 11 am to 11 pm ( standardtime of licensed bar. Primary source of income isalcoholic beverages. Self serviced from barcounters.
  4. 4. Restaurant
  5. 5. Bar
  6. 6. Three Course Menu
  7. 7. Menu for Lunch Soup Main course Beverages
  8. 8. Potage/Soup Indian Vegetable SoupMain Course Chicken curry with BasmatiriceBeverage Tea/CofeeDesert Ice- cream
  9. 9. Cutlery & Crockery Cutlery and Crockery are the tools which are used to placethe dishes on the table. Cutlery:-It is used to serve and especially in eating foods which includesforks and knives. Crockery:-It is made up of ceramic materials which inccludes plates,porcelaior chinaware.
  10. 10.  Beverages:-There are different types of glasswares used to serve differenttypes of beverages includes drinking vessels,tableware andgeneral glass items such as vases,glasses used in the cateringservices Linen:-A textile made up of fibres from the flax plant is called Linenused to make waiters cloth,table cloth,etc
  11. 11. Flow chart of Flight catering
  12. 12. Alcoholic BeverageVodka
  13. 13. Manufacturing process Selecting Materials Keeping the mash sterile The fermentation process The distillation process Liquefying the Alcohol Gases Packaging or Bottling
  14. 14. Types of Vodka Kubanskaya Limonnaya Okhotnichya Pertsovka Starka Zuubrovka
  15. 15. Vodka Manufacturing Countries Belarus Russia Ukraine Poland Finland The United States Caribbean Japan Canada
  16. 16. Popular Brand Names Absolut Belvedere Finlandia Grey Goose Skyy Smirnoff Fris
  17. 17. Non-Alcoholic BeverageCoffee
  18. 18. Manufacturing Process Blending Roasting– Light or blonde roasting– Medium roasting– Dark roasting Grinding and Packing
  19. 19. Types of CoffeeEspressoCapuccinoChocolateAmericanDip
  20. 20. Top Manufacturing Countries Brazil Colombia Indonesia Vietnam Mexico Ethiopia India Uganda
  21. 21. Popular Brand Names Nescafe Royal Copenhagen Grandoscofee Royal Flavo Dallmayr Tetley Bru
  22. 22. Role PlayPresentationGallary
  23. 23. ConclusionAfter my hospitality class I came to know about differentcuisines and their availability areas.I gained manyinformations on food and beverages.This assignment gaveme a chance to research on some of them.
  24. 24. References**** Hospitality module*