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Altarriba - Chemistry makes. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) more successful


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Chemistry makes. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) more successful

By M. Altarriba.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Altarriba - Chemistry makes. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) more successful

  1. 1. Chemistry makesConcentrated Solar Power (CSP) more succesful Expoquimia 2011 Barcelona M. Altarriba BASF
  2. 2. BASF at a Glance BASF – The Chemical Company The world s leading world’s chemical company Offers intelligent system solutions and high-value products for almost all industries Sales 2010: € 63,873 million Income from operations (EBIT) 2010: € 7,761 million Employees at year-end 2010: 109,14029.10.2009 INTERN 2
  3. 3. BASF at a Glance Performance Functional Agricultural Chemicals Plastics Oil & Gas Products Solutions Solutions Performance Dispersions Crop Inorganics Catalysts Oil & Gas Polymers & Pigments Protection Petro- y Poly- Care Construction chemicals urethanes Chemicals Chemicals Inter- Nutrition Coatings mediates & Health Paper Chemicals Performance Chemicals29.10.2009 INTERN 3
  4. 4. Chemicals Research and Engineering History Ammonia Laboratory was founded by Bosch and Mittasch 1903 Research on ammonia began: N2 + 3 H2 2 NH3 1913 First production of ammonia by the Haber-Bosch-Process 1931 Nobel Prize: Bosch / Bergius g Carl Bosch Historic Reactor Plant Antwerp Alwin Mittasch29.10.2009 INTERN 4
  5. 5. CSP CSP (trough) and dispatchability Receiver: HTF H2O (v) 60%NaNO3 40%KNO3 Trough: Optical Concentrating H2O (l) () SOLAR DISPATCHABILITY AREA POWER FIELD Consisting on 2 BLOCK tanks with molten salts29.10.2009 INTERN 5
  6. 6. CSP CSP (tower) and dispatchability29.10.2009 INTERN 6
  7. 7. CSP CSP and dispatchability CSP plant in Spain has typically 50 MW of installed power CSP dispatchable plant in Spain has typically 50 MW of installed power and 7,5 hours of di h f dispatchability t h bilit 7,5 dispatchability hours is reached normally with 30.000 t of “solar” salt Solar salt = 60% sodium nitrate (NaNO3) + 40% potassium nitrate (KNO3)29.10.2009 INTERN 7
  8. 8. CSP The roll of chemistry in CSP Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF): Organic Oil Heat Storage (TES): Molten salt Low melting point (12 °C) Nitrates: NaNO3/KNO3 (60:40) Maximum service temperature 400 °C Capacity around 1000 MWh Challenge: Challenges: Higher efficienc thro gh high efficiency through Reliable s ppl of high q alit salts supply quality temperature HTFs More efficient storage systems29.10.2009 INTERN 8
  9. 9. High Quality Sodium Nitrate NaNO3 BASF is a leading producer of synthetic high puritysodium nitrate with technical know-how since 1916 Nitrate salts with low chloride content are critical forlong term safe CSP-storage. BASF’s synthetical production route leads to a lowchloride content of max. 150 ppm Expected further strong demand for solarapplications pp Investment in capacity expansion of sodium nitrateor new products at BASF is possible29.10.2009 INTERN 9
  10. 10. Solar Reference Projects BASF sodium nitrate is used in molten salt mix as HTF and for storage (double function), achieving higher temperatures, better efficiency and lowering the risk of corrosion in the following plants ARCHIMEDE parabolic trough project, It l b li t h j t Italy GEMASOLAR solar tower project, Spain Only as Heat Storage: “Classical” use of synthetic BASF sodium nitrate in molten salt mix for heat storage: Several parabolic trough projects, Spain projects29.10.2009 INTERN 10
  11. 11. Solar Reference Projects -- GEMASOLAR Torresol Energy 17 MW In operation since 2011 15 h hrs. di dispatchable t h bl29.10.2009 INTERN 11
  12. 12. Solar Reference Projects -- ARCHIMEDE Archimede Solar Energy, ENEA / ENEL 5 MW, hybrid with gas In operation since 201029.10.2009 INTERN 12
  13. 13. Solar Reference Projects -- 50 MW trough 50 MW 7,5 hrs. dispatchable29.10.2009 INTERN 13
  14. 14. Heat Transfer Fluids for CSP R&D at BASF Goal: Higher performance than state of the art HTFs (€/kW) High temperature stability g p y Acceptable melting point Efficient heat transfer Implementation in CSP-plants with manageable effort possible Status of current work Screening of more than 1000 substances/mixtures yet 4 promising systems identified Low melting point, high temperature stability up to 500 °C Low vapour pressure Long-term tests and corrosion tests in progress29.10.2009 INTERN 14
  15. 15. Summary BASF produces synthetic high quality NaNO3 BASF offers to work together with CSP (developers and EPC’s) to provide high performance solutions Knowledge of both chemistry and engineering is the key to success Collaborations with CSP-companies on development and p p testing are highly welcome29.10.2009 INTERN 15
  16. 16. Expoquimia 2011, Barcelona 2011 BASF – The Chemical CompanyWe help our customers to be more successful29.10.2009 INTERN 16