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This is a article about the ICT.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Article: ICT WAR ON POVERTY 1. Structure 2. Content 3. Conclusion
  2. 2. Article: ICT WAR ON POVERTY 1. Structure • Title • Content with some data and information on ICT penetration in the world • A conclusion at the end of the content on the importance of the use and exploitation of ICT • And finally a bibliography of texts and authors consulted in the preparation of the article
  3. 3. Article: ICT WAR ON POVERTY 2. Content These aspects have some indices such as: • The penetration rates of cellular • Broadband Internet • Mobile telephony • Mobile subscriptions • Percentage of companies engaged in electronic commerce, among others
  4. 4. Article: ICT WAR ON POVERTY Source: ITU, Information Society Statistical Profiles 2009 – Europe. 2. Content
  5. 5. Article: ICT WAR ON POVERTY 3. Conclusion My point is that there is another indicator that must be added to the human development index that can reduce the gap. I think that generate digital opportunities is the key to reducing extreme poverty. What are the opportunities? access, use and exploitation of ICT. Determinants for developing countries to overcome the low levels of development. If we ensure access, use and exploitation of ICT in schools and public and private schools can lower student dropout rates and thus the poorest children remain in educational institutions where they currently are assured of adequate food and this would help us also lower the rates of malnutrition and so on. Finally I think this strategy would generate a war against extreme poverty in the most vulnerable developing countries.