Gathering user requirements for SharePoint projects can be fun


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Gathering user requirements for SharePoint is no different from doing market research for a product. The technics used in this research can be applied to workshops with business users when planning SharePoint deployments.
Acknowledgements to GameStorming and Innovation Games

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  • May need approvals etc to work on siteHeisenberg Uncertainty Principal – the more precisely you measure the less precise the output your measuring
  • Gathering user requirements for SharePoint projects can be fun

    1. 1. Requirements Gathering can be funUsing Innovation Games in a SharePoint Project21 Feb 2012Alan MarshallProvoke Solutions 1
    2. 2. Agenda• The Process• Why play games• The games in action• When to use games• Summary 2
    3. 3. Market Research• Deploying SharePoint is similar to product• Follow research model – What you want to know – How you will gather it – Gather requirements – Analyse results – Implement 3
    4. 4. Traditional Method limitations• Questionnaires – Analytical – Only answer questions you ask – Disconnected from personal touch• People have trouble understanding their problem• Needs expressed simplistically, lack detail 4
    5. 5. Why Innovation Games• Fun way to collaborate• Understand evolution of solution• Critical Success Factors and Benefits• Customer sells the product• Understand areas for improvement• Discover vision and goals• Engage more parts of the brain 5
    6. 6. Desert Island Benefits • Identify what you value most • SharePoint feature or an artefact • Outputs can be used to set the priorities or goals Playing the game • Flip Chart with picture • Post-it notes and pens • Set ground rules • Business artefact • SharePoint feature • People 6
    7. 7. Show and Tell Benefits • Identify what they value most • Identify what they don’t need • You have expected a particular report • Break the ice Playing the game • Ask attendee beforehand to bring examples of artifacts that they find invaluable in their work, useful information or people that provide assistance • Each person takes a turn 7
    8. 8. On the Cover Benefits • Establish vision for site • Cultural phrases • Imagery for design • Define high level goals for later exercises Playing the game • Breakdown group into groups of 4-6 • Give each team an A3 print-out • Markers • After 30mins+ each team presents Alternative • Remember the Future 8
    9. 9. Product Box Benefits • customers tap into deep needs and express them when they are selling their product back to you • selling to the other people in the room • they will sell it by promoting the benefits Playing the game • Breakdown group into groups of 4-6 • Give each team a cardboard box • Stickers and pens • After 30mins+ each team presents 9
    10. 10. Prune the Tree Benefits • Identify focus of a Phase • Describe how SharePoint features are connected: • Need User Profile for people directory search Playing the game • Print a tree representing SharePoint workloads • Add leaves using post-its for features • Ask teams to remove x number of leaves based on phase x delivery • After 30mins+ each team presents 10
    11. 11. Speed BoatBenefits• Avoids all out Complaining session• Uncover new solutions• Discover root causePlaying the game• Draw a speed boat or other image related to customer• Get people to write what they don’t like on a post-it notes• Estimate how much faster it could go (the pain)• Discuss each anchor as a group Slow Search response Inaccurac Can’t find times y forms 11
    12. 12. Start Your DayJan Mar June Oct Dec Benefits • Know when site might be used for what purpose • Identify where people have time • Feed into project planning to not clash with dates Playing the game • Draw up a suitable timeline • Start with day then week, month, year for each round • Get people to write what they do on post-it notes • Look at interesting trends and 12 discuss
    13. 13. Me and My Shadow Benefits • Discover how users interact with product • Identify unexpected uses • Confirm what is said to action Playing the game • Have specific activities you want to observe • Use another room or shadow at work place • There’s a catch; observation may change behaviour • Alternative – The Apprentice 13
    14. 14. Post up and dot voting Benefits • Gather requirements • Set priorities Playing the game • Label flipchart with vision or goal statements • Ask everyone to write a specific requirement on post-it note with their initials • Must not be a SharePoint feature • Group requirements based on capabilities • Give each person 6-8 stars and ask them to label favourites • Add a star to each OOB feature 14
    15. 15. When to use each game 15
    16. 16. Summary• You are building a product so market research applies• Questionnaires limit scope of information gathered – Useful for initial view• Traditional methods use left side brain• Innovation games can be fun and engage people• Identify new ideas• Pick the right game for the audience and target information 16
    17. 17. References•• 17
    18. 18. MS Communities• Win stuff – register –• Auckland SharePoint Conference – Langham Hotel 28th – 29th March 18