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Housekeeping dept.


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Hotel Industry

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Housekeeping dept.

  1. 1. Housekeeping Department
  2. 2. Housekeeping Department • Room-cleaning/ housekeeping – a clean room will entice guests to return to the same property, thus creating more revenue for the hotel. • Laundry department – services commercial laundry (uniforms, linens, towels, napkins, table cloths, and others) and guest laundry (laundry of guests).
  3. 3. Housekeeping Department • Minibar department – a minibar is a small, private snack and beverage bar often found in guestrooms. The purpose of minibar is for food stocked with selected beverages to be immediately available to guests. The bar is stocked with small bottles of alcoholic beverages, juice, and sodas.
  4. 4. Housekeeping Department Prices in the minibar are generally high as compared to commercial groceries and stores, since the guest is paying for the convenience of the items and upkeep of the bar.
  5. 5. Housekeeping Department • Public areas – are the hotel facilities that the public can generally use. These include the lobby, public sitting areas, public toilets, and walkways.
  6. 6. Types of Bed Single 39 x 75 in (97 x 191 cm) 35 x 79 in (90 x 200 cm) Double 54 x 75 in (137 x 191 cm) 55 x 79 in (140 x 200 cm) Queen 60 x 80 in (152 x 203 cm) 63 x 79 in (160 x 200 cm) King 76 x 80 in (193 x 203 cm) 71 x 79 in (180 x 200 cm)
  7. 7. Understanding the Room Assignment Sheets • Early make up – is a guest’s request to have his/ her room made up • VIP rooms – require extra attention since the occupants are considered important people • Blocked rooms – are guestrooms reserved for guests with special requirements or needs
  8. 8. • Vacant, dirty rooms – are checked-out rooms that should be blocked by the front office department for prospective guests. • Late check-out rooms – are guestrooms that have been granted checkout extension as per guest request Understanding the Room Assignment Sheets
  9. 9. • Do not disturb (DND) rooms – are not to be cleaned until a specific request from the guest. • No-service rooms – are guestrooms that have been requested by the guest not to be cleaned. Understanding the Room Assignment Sheets
  10. 10. Cleaning the Guestroom Workflow C:
  11. 11. Pre-Guest Room Cleaning 1. Receive room allocation – the number of rooms to be cleaned will depend on the size of the room and acceptable practice in the industry
  12. 12. Pre-Guest Room Cleaning • 2. Prepare chemical and cleaning tools – these are toilet bowl cleaner, all- purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, wood polisher, chrome and brass polisher, chamois and non-abrasive sponge, toilet brush, toilet swab, bucket, scoop, set of rags, and squeegee.
  13. 13. Pre-Guest Room Cleaning 3. Prepare guestroom amenity supplies based on the room attendant worksheet. 4. Proceed to room after checking the names of the guest from the room worksheet assignment.
  14. 14. Entering the Guestroom • Knock and announce your purpose. In this case, “Housekeeping.” • Wait ten seconds and repeat. • Step back and stand straight facing the door so that guest can see through the peephole. • Use the doorbell if no answers.
  15. 15. • If there is still no response, insert key card, open door gently and announce “Housekeeping”. • Use a door stop to keep the door open. • Park housekeeping trolley and vacuum cleaner in front of the guest door entrance. • Turn on the main switch. • Note down time of entry. Entering the Guestroom
  16. 16. Preparing Room for Cleaning • Remove room service trolley or tray. • Bring cleaning caddy into bathroom and pour the toilet bowl chemical into the toilet bowl. • Open heavy and sheer curtains. • Check for lost and found items. • Check room safety deposit box. • Check for breakage, losses, or damages.
  17. 17. Make the Bed • Strip the bed. • Make the bed. • Clean the bedside table.
  18. 18. Dust the Room • Dust the room area. • Clean the minibar counter. • Clean the TV cabinet area. • Clean the walk-in cabinet. • Clean the floor area and windows.
  19. 19. Clean the Bathroom • Clean the bathroom – according to property standards. Replenish Supplies and Guestroom Amenities • Replenish guest amenities and supplies in the bedroom and bathroom.
  20. 20. Vacuum Guestroom Area • Vacuum the carpet Exit Guestroom • Before leaving the room, have a last glance.
  21. 21. Room Inspection Standard
  22. 22. Room Inspection Standard After the room has been cleaned, it should be inspected by the housekeeping supervisor and manager. They must have an eye for detail when inspecting rooms. Room inspection will prevent the hotel from getting guest complaints in terms of room functionality and cleanliness. A satisfied guest could translate into a returning guest.
  23. 23. LAUNDRY
  24. 24. Hotel laundry mostly comprises: • Hotel uniforms of all personnel – part of the benefit of a hotel employee is having uniforms dry-cleaned or pressed and stored. • Food and beverage lines – lines used in the daily operations of the Food and Beverages.
  25. 25. • Guestroom supplies – these include towels (bath towel, hand towel, face towel, bathrobe, and foot mattress), duvet, blankets, bed cover, bed protector, pillow sham covers, pillow covers, heavy drapes and sheer curtains, to name a few. Hotel laundry mostly comprises:
  26. 26. A. Minibar Process Room is supplied with minibar items. Guest consumes items in the minibar counter. Minibar attendant checks consumption and notes it on the minibar voucher. Minibar voucher is delivered to the front office for recording or recorded in the PMS. Minibar is replenished by the minibar attendant. Minibar consumption is reviewed and paid by the guest at checkout.
  27. 27. Public Area One of the most tedious tasks of the housekeeping team is maintaining the cleanliness and safety of public areas. Safety is paramount in public areas as these places have the greatest amount of exposure to guests.