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Customer service


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Personality Development

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Customer service

  2. 2. Customer Service Customer Service comes from two words: Customer, meaning one who buys something; especially one who deals regularly at a given establishment and Service, the occupation or function of serving or the work performed by the one that serves.
  3. 3. Standards of Service • Be friendly, helpful and conscientious • Make every effort to understand the needs of customers and to exceed their expectations wherever possible. • Take ownership of customer enquiries and endeavor to resolve them immediately.
  4. 4. Standards of Service • Politely acknowledge customers at every opportunity. • Are smartly dressed for work (business / work wear) and wear a name badge. • Have an overall understanding of the waterway network and destinations around it.
  5. 5. Standards of Service • Promote the organization positively to all customers. • Try to build and maintain strong relationships with all waterside businesses and partners . • Answer all telephones with a welcoming message.
  6. 6. Competitive Edge Training Training is accomplished in two phases: 1. First phase: Basic training. Enables employees to adequately know their products, systems and procedures.
  7. 7. Competitive Edge Training 2. Second phase: Competitive edge training. It increases the level of training but it is quite expensive.
  8. 8. • Raise the basic training bar. Hire only employees who have the potential and drive to be Competitive Edge employees. All employees should be aiming and capable of going beyond the basic level.
  9. 9. • Know your employees. Get beyond the mechanics of product knowledge, options available, pricing, value and benefits of the product or service. Ensure that soft skills are taught including attitude.
  10. 10. Characteristics of Satisfied and Loyal Customers
  11. 11. Satisfied Customers: • Will continue doing business until something better comes along, whether location, better price or better variety. • No relationship formed. • No personal interaction. • Sees business as impersonal, only doing business with a company, not with a person.
  12. 12. Loyal Customers: • Forgives and understands minor problems. • Not price sensitive. • Will help the business with word – of – mouth advertising. • Will not jump at the next “pretty face”.